Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#144: Nights In Pink Satin by Anita Shirodkar : Review


GENRE: Nights In Pink Satin


FORMAT:  Paperback


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review Copy from publishers – Fingerprint! in exchange for an honest review. Thanks guys!


A tale within a tale is an interesting concept when handled well. I’m sure it takes double the effort writing a story within a story. This writer, Anita, has done a pretty good job of it that it almost looks effortless. Simran Dandekar, our protagonist, marries Siddharth, our dashing hero, the scion of Mumbai’s elite class builder family – the Raichands. Turns out that her marriage is nothing but a financial transaction where her father had agreed to bail out the Raichands from their financial misery in exchange for this marriage. Things spin out of control when she publishes an erotic novel under a pseudonym based on a person (a cougar) she knows and who belongs to the crème de la crème of the Mumbai society. Just as Simran’s relationship with Siddharth improves her book lands her in enough trouble, threatening to nip the blooming relationship. What followed is the story of the reward that a literary aspiration doled out.

The story line was perfect, realistic and was projected well by Anita Shirodkar’s crisp and clean writing. The plot was sprinkled with enough twists and turns, keeping me hooked. The characterization was perfect with no conflicting traits. The sensible story line, neat writing and perfect characterization made the book a fast paced and enjoyable read. I managed to finish reading the book in 2 hours flat. The first few chapters though might give an impression that this is yet another story where a man with an emotional baggage unburdens it to move on with his wife only to fail when his ex-flame returns to his life. But the story is much more than that line of thinking.

Anita surely deserves to be applauded for not bringing in a Bollywood-ish twist even though the story line had a lot of scope to accommodate that sort of a twist. She demonstrates that there are better ways to keep a plot alive without adding that sort of a dramatic element. The other thing that personally gave me a huge sense of relief was the lack of ‘steamy’ and uncomfortably ‘intimate’ scenes though again the story again had a lot of scope for that to be incorporated. Putting in such scenes would have made the book just another romantic read with the usual fall in love – make love-break up – fall in love routine. Thankfully, Anita evinces that there is more to romance than erotic scenes! 

MY SAY: An engaging, realistic and sensible read.


PLOT: 8/10



BOREDOM QUOTIENT: 1/10 (the lower the better)


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  1. I was very itreguied by this book, will pick it soon! wonderful review.

  2. Thanks Inderpreet :-) Yeah you should definitely pick this book!

  3. Lovely review Janani!

  4. Thank you Rubina :)

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