Saturday, June 6, 2015

#130 : Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding : Review


GENRE: Fiction – Romance


FORMAT: Digital - PDF


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from the writer in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Hannah


Hannah fielding’s latest book, Indiscretion is a tale of a young woman, Alexandra who travels to Spain to meet her estranged father and his family upon their invitation to her. Feeling suffocated with her life in London with her aunt, she yearns for a sense of belonging from her estranged family in Spain only to get caught in tornado of stronger emotions. She meets a dark and irresistible stranger who then turns out to be her own cousin Salvador. They go on to find love in-spite of facing mammoth obstacles.

The writing was intense and filled with dark, sinister and pleasurable emotions. The insanely romantic backdrop of Spain described in detail, adds a sense of mystery to the euphony of emotions that Hannah has created with her characters. The writing is simply fluidic and many a time, I felt like I was actually witnessing the story playing out. The chemistry between the protagonists, Alexandra and Salvador is simply crackling. Needless to say the characterization was perfect; though Salvador’s character frustrated me at times. He isn’t really sure about his feeling towards Alexandra yet he loves her madly, conflicting isn’t it? I felt that the writer went a wee bit overboard in bringing a lot of characters just to give the reader an authentic feel of Spanish culture filled with gypsies and magpies.

The story is supposedly set in 1950s but Spain is portrayed more or less like a backward country in terms of the culture. The parts set in England felt more Victorian to me.

MY SAY: Intense romantic tale that would take you on an emotional roller coaster


PLOT: 7/10



BOREDOME QUOTIENT: 3/10 (The lower the better!)


AUTHOR LINKS: Hannah's Website, Hannah on Goodreads

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