Saturday, June 6, 2015

#131 : I Take You by Eliza Kennedy : Review


GENRE: Fiction – Women’s Literature


FORMAT: Digital - PDF


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thanks guys.


I had fallen for this book for its beautiful and bright yellow cover and its enticing summary. Alas! The book turned out to be something else. Our protagonist, Lilly is a beautiful and extraordinarily talented New York lawyer who is engaged to the handsome archaeologist,Will. The book opens with Lilly’s bachelorette party where she drinks and makes out with some random stranger only to be disturbed by her boss. She then goes on to make out with her boss as well, though she is engaged.  As the D-Day approaches, she questions her very decision to get married.

The first half of the book thoroughly established one thing – Lilly was no way a commitment material. She couldn’t just stay away from men and liquor. A bunch of women (read her ‘moms’ and grandmother) try to convince her that she shouldn’t go ahead with the marriage.  She ends up thinking and re-thinking her decision. The second half of the book is just complete opposite of the first part. The biggest twist that the writer put in stumped me and left me laughing. In fact, that very thread of the story is actually what defines this book. The whole gender politics ‘discussion’ towards the end of the book actually tried to justify Lilly’s ‘commitment issues’ (I prefer to put it that way to keep the review clean).

The writer, Eliza, handled infidelity so casually that at times, it made me cringe. But looking at it from a different perspective without actually considering infidelity as a serious issue, this book is one laugh riot. The characterization was way off the mark, but again, that would be because we are programmed to hate infidelity without a sense of remorse.

MY SAY:  If you can handle an insane story line with a dark sense of humor go for it.


PLOT: 8/10

NARRATION: 9/10 (Just for those humorous dialogs)


BOREDOM QUOTIENT:  3/10 (The lower the better)


AUTHOR LINKS: Eliza's Website

BOOK LINKS: Goodreads, Amazon


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