Monday, June 8, 2015

#134 : A Rose for Sergei by K.Kidd: Review


GENRE: Non-Fiction - Memoir


FORMAT: Paperback


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from the writer in exchange for a honest review. Thanks a lot Ms.Kidd


A protagonist who works for federal government falling in love with a Russian KGB defector, what can one expect? I expected a thrilling tale of love where in our Russian man fighting human killing machines or our federal government secretary being kidnapped and ultimately being rescued by her oh-so-sweet-yet-tough-spy boyfriend. Nothing of that sort happened. This is no tale of fiction where one can expect ‘action’ in the form of exploding bombs or mortal combat. The story is a non-fictional account of Ms.Kidd’s short lived love life with the controversial KGB defector Sergei Kourdakov.

Throughout the book I had to keep reminding myself that this story is not a work of fiction but a real life account, for such was the writing. The writer, Ms. Kidd, transported me to her world back in the 70s through her compelling writing. Needless to say, the characterization was perfect. She never ventured into telling about the person that Sergei was before defecting. That is the best part of the whole book. She simply didn’t give room for the readers to judge Sergei for the person that he was before defecting. Sergei and Sam are poles apart, yet they find love. The fact that Sergei was a thorough gentleman simply shocked me. It is apparent that reading too much of spy novels has corrupted my sense of realities about a spy. The episode where Sergei happily lifts Sam and makes her sit on his leg is simply hilarious. Dear men, take a tip or two from this man’s sense of chivalry.

MY SAY:  A humorous, profound and simple tale of love and loss.

RATING: 8/10

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  1. What a wonderful memoir. I will look it up.
    Good review.

  2. Thanks Inderpreet :-) It is indeed a wonderful memoir!

  3. Sundari VenkatramanJune 9, 2015 at 11:30 AM

    Hi Janani,
    enjoyed reading your crisp review. I don't read too many non-fiction books. But I am tempted after reading what you have to say about this one :D

  4. Thanks a lot Sundari :) This book was more like a fiction (In a good way though!). I had to keep reminding myself that this is a memoir!

  5. What a wonderful review, Jan, I really love it. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my story. You brought out a great point that I didn't give the reader a chance to judge Sergei Kourdakov for the person he was before defecting from the USSR. No one else has picked up on that fact. Well done!

    Thank you for your kind words in your note. It's never too late to hear...I'm sorry for your loss. It was hard to go back and relive Sergei's death in order to write about it in a book. Sharing our story, however, was crucial to defending Sergei’s book, The Persecutor.

    I’m honored you took the time to read and review my book. I sincerely thank you.
    K. Kidd - aka Sam! :)

  6. The pleasure was mine Ms.Kidd - aka Sam :-)

  7. I have read the book twice and never picked up on your comments. It is a lovely story and making the rounds with those of us who lived/worked in Washington in the 70's. It truly is reminiscent of the period. A book of love and loss for all ages.

  8. Thanks Karen for reading my review.
    Washington, apparently seems to be a good place to have lived in the 70s. I quite appreciate the story and the set up in spite of being born in a different generation!

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