Monday, May 18, 2015

#123 : Tiger Mates by Amrish Shah : Review

GENRE: Fiction – Romantic Thriller


FORMAT: Paper-Back


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Review copy from PR Pundit in exchange for an honest review. Thanks guys!


It took me about 2 months to complete reading this book – the longest time I’ve ever taken to finish reading a book. I'll elaborate why towards the end of the review.

Our male protagonist, Neil is an informant who has successfully infiltrated the Red militants posing as a care-free smuggler who isn't bound to one particular group. The chief “architect” of the Red Militant group Debraj along with the next in command, the maniac Kedar plots a series of gruesome attacks in the state of Chhattisgarh to drive away the domestic and international NGOs. Neil deals directly with Debraj thereby gathering scrapes of information during his visits inside the dense forest. Neil doesn't think of the risk he takes, for he wants to avenge his brother who died in a bomb blast while escorting a minister.

Our female protagonist, the bold and beautiful Shyla, works for an NGO in South Africa. When she learns that she is an illegal daughter born out of a rape incident, she is shattered beyond measure. She heads to India to document the Red Militant situation in order to help bring rehabilitation funds for the tribals caught up in this hell.

When Shyla and Neil meet sparks fly. What follows is their respective journey weaving amidst the evil.

Characterization plays a crucial role in making a story hit the right nerve of a reader. The characters in this book were surely crafted with utmost care. It is not new for the protagonists to make a lasting impression. But for a sub-character to make an impression that surpasses that of the protagonist, the writer needs to put in a lot of effort. This writer has gone that extra mile to bring in that impression. I was attracted a lot to Anand and Raghav (Read the book to know who they are. I don't give out spoilers). In fact, I'd say Anand was the true hero paling out Neil in comparison.

In spite of having strong and meaningful characters, the story lacked the depth and pace. Things were a bit slow till mid way after the initial twist that the writer threw in. The narration is in present continuous tense. I'm not really comfortable with that style of narration.

It is apparent that the writer is adept in scriptwriting. I felt like reading a Bollywood movie script with enough drama to it.

MY SAY: Recommended for people who can handle perfect drama without complaining about the lack of pace.


  • Plot: 6/10

  • Characterization: 8/10

  • Narration: 6/10

  • Boredom Quotient: 4/10 (The lower the better)

  • Overall Rating: 6/10

AUTHOR LINKS:  Amrish Shah - Website

BOOK LINKS: Goodreads, Amazon.


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