Monday, May 11, 2015

#121 : Burning Embers by Hannah Fielding : Review


GENRE: Fiction- Romance  

NUMBER OF PAGES: 285         

FORMAT: Digital - ePub


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The writer sent me a review copy upon request, in exchange for a honest review. Thanks Hannah!


Having read Hannah’s “Echoes of Love” before, I knew I could expect an intense love story. The book didn’t disappoint me. Set in Kenya, in the 1970s, the book describes Africa’s lush beauty, the culture and its people through our protagonist, Coral’s story.

Coral, our young and heartbroken protagonist – a photographer, returns to Mpingo, Africa to claim her inheritance upon her father’s demise.  On her journey, she meets the intensely charismatic Rafe, the man who is projected to be a womanizer.

In spite of rumors that Rafe’s affair with his stepmother was the reason behind her dad’s death, Coral is drawn to him. Rafe is the quintessential brooding yet gentleman hero. Sparks fly between them and they embark on a journey to find each other.

The characterization was impeccable. The writer managed to show various shade of the character in spite narrating a romantic story.

The other thing that surely deserves mention is the background of the story line – Mpingo. Africa has always been described a dangerous place filled with thieves. Most of the books that I’ve read set in Africa, portrayed the place as a desert of sorts with rickety buses and red dust looming. This book was a refreshing change. I could visualize the waterfalls and the lush greenery. Africa is indeed one beautiful place.

The story was well writing and the writer’s grip over the language enhanced the beauty of the book.

The cover art deserves a mention. The purple shade and model in the cover give the story line a much deserved air of mystery. The title on the other hand could have been better.

One thing that I found a little monotonous was Rafe’s character. I was reminded of Paolo from “The Echoes of Love”. They are both passionate men with a past for which they blame themselves to an extent. They are handsome, brooding and intense lovers. This similarity could have been avoided in the latter book.

MY SAY:  Recommended for pure romance lovers. Ideal romance with a historical setup.


·        PLOT : 8/10

·         CHARACTERISATION : 6/10

·         NARRATION : 8/10


·         OVER ALL RATING : 7.5/10

AUTHOR LINKS: Goodreads, Website

BOOK LINKS: Amazon, Goodreads


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