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#102 : Letters From An Indian Summer By Siddharth Dasgupta : A Review


BOOK TITLE: Letters From an Indian Summer

ISBN: 9788172345495

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Paperback


REVIEW BY:Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Fingerprint! Publishers sent us a copy in exchange for a honest review. Thanks guys!

SUMMARY: A love story between an Indian photographer and a French artist, Letters from an Indian Summer is suffused with a strong sense of serendipity and spiritually liberal doses of the things Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta hold dear in this world. The past, though, lurks constantly around every chosen corner. Will the secrets they harbor end up destroying them, or will the unspoken belief in their entwined cosmic paths be much too strong a force . . . ?


French artist, Indian summer and doses of spirituality - The perfect recipe for a picture postcard love story. The book was exactly that. A Picture postcard love story which delivered a soul stirring message to me.

Our protagonists Arjun and Genevieve are two nomadic souls who are in love with each other but don’t really realize that. But when they do, their emotional baggage from the past disrupts their harmony of sorts.
Romance novels these have become like Instant Coffee. They give you a good shot of energy but you really don’t have a recollection of having it. They don’t linger, they don’t affect you the way the good old traditionally brewed coffee does. Not being racist or stereotyping, Indian book market these days are inundated with such books that don’t leave an impression really. Thanks to trend that was started by a particular writer who “apparently” brought about “a much refreshing change” to the writing industry as many people claim.  This “refreshing change” is killing off writers like Siddharth Dasgupta ( the writer of this book). Is writing  masala stuff the sure shot recipe to success? What of such beautiful books that ooze of love and romance as it should.

This book is for a pure literature lover. It has a beautiful story narrated in an exemplar and exquisite manner. Yet it wouldn’t possibly sell like other “hot” romantic books. I would know for a fact that the book wouldn’t be “Welcomed” by the “masses”    (read people who read books based on the buzz that the book creates).

English isn’t our country’s mother tongue. It’s a borrowed language that was lent to us to help us communicate with the rest of the world. Aren’t we all taught to take good care of borrowed stuff? Then why does a book written in a rotten language sell like hot cake?

I can vouch for the language used in this book. The writer has maintained the original charisma of our borrowed language.  The plot isn’t racy, the narration does slack at times, but at least the writer hasn’t abused the language – a very common phenomenon with Indian romance novels. (I am not being biased. There are still some good writers around who can cook up a decent novel)

It is apparent that the writer is a well read and a well-travelled person for his reading and travels are reflected in his story. The writer has made even the crowded city of Delhi look so beautiful with an ethereal writing.  Characterization is another area that the writer definitely needs to be lauded for. Portraying two nomadic characters can look easy on the outset, but bringing that minuscule difference in shades of characterization is herculean task (take is from a “writer in making” trying to write a love story).  The writer is smart for sure.  Making the female protagonist a French person made the romance magical without consuming much effort. After all, the French are romantics at heart (Not stereotyping again! Just admiring.)

The cover and the font of the title are simply beautiful. The beautiful cover, the smell of a freshly minted book and the exquisite love story with rich characters – I feel in love with the book in spite of its slow narration.

VERDICT: Only for literature loves who can truly appreciate the art of writing and the beauty of the language.

RATING: 4.5 on 5


PRICE: Rs.213 (Paperback)


Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse

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