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#90 : His Royal Runaway Bride by Tanu Jain : A Review


BOOK TITLE: His Royal Runaway Bride

ISBN: 9789351064619

AUTHOR: Tanu Jain

GENRE: Fiction - Romance


FORMAT: Paperback


REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: PRPundit sent us as a review copy in exchange for a honest review. We thank them for the same!

SUMMARY :When Maharaj Vidyamann Veer Singh of Samogpur's beautiful young wife vanished three years ago everyone assumed she was dead. When Veer discovers she's actually alive and well he's determined to bring her back home to do her duty...

Meethi loved Veer passionately but felt shackled in the role of his wife. Will they overcome the obstacles to find happiness in marriage?

 When this book came up for review I simply couldn’t resist it thanks to the beautiful cover. I know it’s a rookie mistake to judge a book by its cover, but these days I think that adage shouldn’t be taken too literally. Of course, the summary also played an integral part in attracting me. A royal love story! Why not!?!

The storyline begins with Maharaj “rescuing” his wife who faked her death. What follows is essentially the account of two people madly  in love with each other finding their lost love. Though the story initially begins with Veer trying to avenge  his bruised ego when he finds out Meethi has faked her own death while he spent days mourning her death.

The part of the story where Veer narrates how he simply obeyed Meethi’s father’s orders left me teary eyed. The whole roller coaster journey of finding love has been well written.

There is not a better feeling than being understood by a person whom you love. The writer brought out that emotion very well. The fact that men need that little push to understand how exactly a woman feels is has been used as the central theme.

My knowledge of this genre – romance is very limited owing to a fact that I spent my entire teenage hating mushy romance and happily skipping all Mills & Boons until I turned 23! I am thankful for not having skipped them completely for I wouldn’t have discovered such a beautiful.
The characterization deserves a special mention. Initially I expected Meethi to be an immature character and Veer to be this utterly irrational Maharaja throwing royal tantrum. After all, they do have a huge age difference. Meethi fumbles with the whole “Royal Behavior” while Veer has impeccable manners which  obviously lead me to arrive at that conclusion. I don’t particularly tolerate such characters (Errr….be it in real life or in books)

 The writer bowled a googly. Both the characters turned out to be the exact opposite of my conculsion.  In fact Veer’s character had layer upon layer of conflict which slowly was peeled out only to reveal a perfect gentleman beneath. The whole process of “peeling out layers” has been well conceived and implemented by the writer.  But then I am not sure if the writer intended to actually do it that way.

The writing was simple and delivered all emotions probably intended by the writer.

My only complaint would be the story line was a bit predictable. As the story line progressed I was able to anticipate a happy ending in the making. But then! What’s a “Royal” love story sans a happy ending?  The story did have its share of drama and clichés but thankfully they weren’t overdone.  

VERDICT: A Sensible read.

RATING: 4 on 5

"And then he kissed her" was the line that would run like a litany through Tanu's mind whenever she sat down to laze and relax. Handsome hunks haunted her imagination, and stunning strong-willed heroines clamored to come out. Tanu knew it was the effect of the countless Mills & Boon novels she'd read over the years (she started in class 8th). She tried scratching the itch and came up with the story of a strong Greek male and a suffering Greek beauty and was sure to be accepted, she thought naively. It was a disaster! The rejection slip opened her eyes to a few pertinent facts. The next work was written straight from the heart with familiar, local settings. An editor who believed in her voice helped guide her and voila!
Strength, kindness, honesty, optimism and love were drilled into her as a child by her parents, and the first Mills & Boon that she read made her realize that these were exactly what romance novels were about. So, writing a romance novel was both emotionally and morally satisfying.
Tanu's interests are wide-ranging. Too wide, she feels at times. She has a doctorate in English literature and occasionally teaches English language and literature. Her other interests include spirituality and reading tarot cards and counseling people. The past couple of years have also ignited an interest in religious scriptures, and Tanu has published a book of Jain short stories for children. She has a hectically busy schedule but plays badminton religiously with a close-knit group of girlfriends, which keeps her mentally and physically fit.
She currently lives in Gwalior, India, with her businessman husband who, for her, incidentally, epitomizes the qualities of a typical Mills & Boon hero. Her daughter and son are proud of her but are embarrassed when she uses their names for the characters in her books.
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback, Digital

PRICE: Rs.150 (Paperback)


Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse

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