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#75 : The Divorced Not Dead Workshop by CeCe Osgood : A Review

BOOK TITLE: The Divorced Not Dead Workshop

ISBN: 230 pages

AUTHOR: CeCe Osgood

GENRE: Fiction – Chic Lit




REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK:  The writer sent us a review in exchange for a honest review

SUMMARY: “That’s what you called it, Dorsey, and I love it …The Divorced Not Dead Workshop.” Divorced five years and recently dumped by boyfriend Theo, Dorsey Bing, smart, funny and a wee bit angsty, brainstorms about a dating workshop for divorced people. Too bad she’s an idea person with zero follow-through. That changes when her best friend, Pilar Vega, a feisty go-getter, chooses to set up the workshop, puts herself in charge and gets Dorsey to agree to be her “gofer.” Things are fine until Dorsey’s widowed stepfather Ralph, and his bride-to-be, Audrey, ask Dorsey to join their wedding cruise to Cabo, which is on the very same weekend as the workshop. Dorsey and Pilar decide to hold the workshop during the cruise. But do things ever really work out as planned. No. No, they don’t. Complications arise with a startling mishap, rebellious attendees and a fraud accusation, the arrival of Audrey’s good-looking but wily nephew Finn, and the reappearance of Theo. Struggling through the turmoil, Dorsey must face her biggest challenge if she’s to win the love, and life, she’s always desired


I picked this book truly for its title alone – “The divorced not dead workshop”.  Come on! Who could have the guys to possibly name a book like that! Score one for the writer there.

Our protagonist Dorsey Bing is divorced and is jobless with a string of failed relationships, she is obviously scared to get into to another relationship or move on. She then goes on to handle this workshop for divorced people to move on. A bit ironical isn’t it? The way she handles this whole workshop was downright hilarious to me. But it did deliver a clear message that after divorce your life isn’t over. There is more left to it. There is always a possibility of finding love.  Delivering that message is no easy feat and the writer managed to do just that effortlessly. Score two for writer there!

The writing was clean with just the right amount drama the story line called for. It’s a fine line between being dramatic and outright emotional.  The writer managed to walk that line beautifully. The other thing I liked was the characterisation. The characters we so unique yet they complemented each other and fit in the story line perfectly.
The highlight of the book would be the whole confidence building activity.  Some women (for that matter men too) need that extra push to get that confidence to approach the opposite sex after a traumatic incident. This book beautifully portrays that whole process. Score three for the writer there!

Matters of love, deceit and divorce can get emotionally heavy at times.  Many writers invariably end up making the reader weep by padding the whole syndrome of love with extra emotions. Thankfully this writer made no such thing. I prefer it that way. Light hearted and emotionally minimal! Score four for the writer there!

To sum it up, I loved reading the book. It was light hearted and well written with all the ingredients for a feel good book. 

VERDICT: Why not! It’s light hearted & feel good type! 

RATING: 4 on 5

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: In her own words :
After college and graduate school, I wrote articles for magazines then ventured into the film industry. For many years I was on the production side until I moved to LA and became a freelance script analyst, evaluating screenplays, novels, and non-fiction books (main client: HBO). I also reviewed scripts for the Nicholl Fellowship, perhaps the USA’s most prestigious screenplay competition sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. During this time, I wrote screenplays and had two optioned. But my childhood dream was to be a novelist, so when I moved back to Texas I fought my self-doubt and completed this novel.

Due to my “indie” spirit and hereditary lack of patience, I chose the self-publishing path and now my romantic comedy/chick lit/lighthearted women’s fiction, THE DIVORCED NOT DEAD WORKSHOP, is available as an eBook. It’s about dating after divorce. I wanted to treat the serious subject of divorce and the subsequent anxiety producing re-entry into the dating world with humor and goodwill, two things everyone, I believe, needs for a happier life.

I’m continuing to write and hope to have my second novel out in the summer of 2014.


PRICE: Rs. 182 (Kindle)


Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse

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