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#66 : Love You Too * Conditions Apply by Syed Faisal : A Review


BOOK TITLE: Love You Too * Conditions Apply

ISBN: 1631021109

AUTHOR: Syed Faisal

GENRE: Fiction – (Romance?! More of a rant!)


FORMAT: Paperback


REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The Publishers sent us a book in exchange for a honest review. We thank them.

SUMMARY:Imaan Siddique, lands in Mumbai with the lowest notes in life and vengeance against system, social structure and professional attitude of the country and against Love too. He is on an ultimatum in his office, his Girlfriend has dumped him, his father has lost his post in an election in his town and he has to take care of his brothers future and education. The vengeance inside the heart turns him a blind runner behind success and makes him to break laws. But he has to cross the barrier of his path, Nikita Modvani, a beauty as well as a talented human resource in Mumbai struggling with her cruel past seeking happiness in her present. With his constructive talent but maneuver planning he turns her to be a pawn of his success and they start to live in present, in Live-in relationship. The combination of success and happiness constructs a boundary wall between them and the real world, the real India, between their present and their future. But then how aged this wall will be? How effectively will the combination of success and happiness work? What will happen when this wall cracks? Love you too Conditions apply is a tribute to all Indian lovers whose love stories become victim of certain tangible and intangible conditions in our country


Migraine. That’s the one perfect word that can best describe my “condition” after finishing this book. I never ever begin a review on a negative note. After all, the writer has put an effort to pen a book and publish it. But then, some books just make us wish that writer really didn’t publish at all in first place. This book came close enough and stopped just shy of being thrown out from the nearest window. No offense Mr.Faisal, I have huge respect for rookie Indian writers, but please, you have a very long way to go.

So what prevented me from chucking this book out? The writer obviously had his moments of brilliance. The parts where he described the innocent childhood of the protagonist, Imaan were simply brilliant. Our protagonist, a typical rustic Indian Muslim sounded so adorable in his childhood and the whole length of his childhood was realistic and simple. The incident where Imaan renders that speech to unify Muslims and Hindus deserves a special mention and was truly touching.  I almost wondered if the writer had some sort of a split personality disorder.

As to what made me want to chuck this book out – There isn’t simply a story line. According to our protagonist, in his narration, his love of his life wanted him to write a book in order for her to marry him.  The book technically switched between Imaan’s narration and Imaan’s actual present. This switch was annoying. The writer obviously needs to work on his narration.

The next thing that thoroughly appalled me was the grammatical and semantic errors. Minor errors are acceptable but multiple instances of grammatical/ Semantic errors just doesn’t cut it.  For a seasoned Indian reader who has grown up reading numerous works of native English speakers, the construction of sentences will certainly sound like a virtual translation from Hindi to English. I can truly understand that we Indians aren’t native English speakers. That really doesn’t entitle us to abuse a language that we have chosen to learn and use. Moreover, I am no master of this language that I’ve chosen to express my thoughts, but I ensure to put in my best efforts to perfect it.  It isn’t wrong to expect the same from a writer.

The one thing that thoroughly irritated me was the swearing. The book is filled with “shits” & “fucks” in places where they are not needed. I understand that our protagonist Imaan is meant to be projected as this angry young man with a violent upbringing. Expressing that using swear words isn’t the most brilliant idea.

Now you may question me as to why I choose to pick this book when the publisher offered me 3 other books. The summary promised something else altogether. The book simply failed to deliver what the summary promised.

To put it in a nut shell, the writer has a long way to go.

P.S. This review does not intend to hurt the sentiments of the writer, it’s just a honest review from a disappointed reader. Mr.Faisal, hope you take good criticism well, it isn’t personal.

VERDICT: Can be missed.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Syed Faisal residing in New Delhi is Memory Design engineer by profession and a writer by passion. He is out in the market with his Debut Novel Love You Too* Conditions Apply. The book is getting good reviews and is touching the middle class Indian lovers.


PRICE: Rs.195


Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse

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