Thursday, May 29, 2014

#69 : As Life Has No Undo by Abir Mukherjee : A Review


BOOK TITLE: As Life Has No Undo

ISBN: 1631022636

AUTHOR: Abir Mukherjee

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Paperback


REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The Publishers – Blackbuck Publishers- sent us a review copy. We thank them for it.

SUMMARY : Campus interviews are around the corner for the final-year students of Burdwan Engineering College. Everyone is busy honing their skills at the last minute except Ankit who wishes to see his parents for the last time. Ankit, a simple boy and mediocre student from a lower middle class Bengali family has only two aims in his life-to become a computer engineer per his parents wish and to spend his entire life with Shreeja, the lady love of his life. Shreeja is pretty, ambitious and career oriented. What happens when Debdeep walks into their lives? Does Ankit have more things to lose than he ever imagined? Have you ever loved someone more than yourself? Have you ever felt the need of a undo button in your life?

The story line begins with a suicide episode of the protagonist’s roommate. Our protagonist goes back to reminiscence his own life – A life with no undo button. Ankit is this simple and sweet next door Bengali guy to whom all normal humane stuff (like falling in love, heartbreak & disappointment) happens. It is very apparent that the writer is a True Bengali who has passionately described the Bengali Culture. I really loved the whole “ Bengali” part of the story!

Essentially Ankit’s story could be that of any average Indian male’s story. A guy falls in love, the girl breaks his heart by dumping him for his friend and the guy goes on to become a savaging drug addict and cussing the girl only to bounce back as a better person later.

For anyone who simply knows my reading taste and my reviewing style, they’d simply expect me to rant and ravage the book. But hey! I am not that predictable. Plus the writer is a rookie. For a rookie, he sure has done a great job! Good job mate!

The book truly delivered what the summary promised – “the need for an undo button in your life”. What if the protagonist, Ankit hadn’t fallen in love in the first place only? Could that be undone? And that is exactly what the book delivered. Things can’t just be undone. So there! The book wins a big brownie point for just that.

The narration was perfect. Though the story was predictable, the writer managed to keep me hooked thanks to simple writing.

Nevertheless, I also have a fair share of complaints. Shreeja’s characterisation was pathetic. A girl simply won’t love a guy for money and sex. If she did she will obviously have a good reason for it. At the risk of sounding feminist, the writer hit a wrong nerve by portraying Shreeja as an out and out deceiver (Slut would be the term a man would probably use but I prefer being well-mannered). Also, if a girl dumps you, chasing her to make her realise your love seems such a perverted idea. Sometimes, letting go is a better form of love.

Last but not the least, the cover deserves a special mention. Its pretty! Reminds me of my college notebook’s last page filled with unforgettable scribbles.

 To sum it up, the book did have its moments and of course an equal share of lows.  

VERDICT: I wouldn’t go GA-GA over it! Just another read! But hey why not. Go pick it up!

RATING: 3 on 5

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Abir Mukherjee is an IT professional working as a Tech Lead in MNC. He loves to read and sketch. “ As life has no undo” is his debut novel. He is also a movie freak.


PRICE: Rs.132


Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse