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#63 : Sherlock Holmes in Japan by Vasudev Murthy : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Sherlock Holmes in Japan

ISBN: 9350296691

AUTHOR: Vasudev Murthy writing as Akira Yamashita

GENRE: Fiction – Mystery


FORMAT: Paper Back


REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Won it as a part of #RCHCGiveAway


Sherlock Holmes solves his biggest case yet in this seriocomic Missing Years novel 1893: King Kamehameha III of Hawaii declares Sovereignty Restoration Day ... Tension grows between China and Japan over Korea ... The Bengal Famine worsens ... The senior priest at Kinkaku-ji temple is found dead in mysterious circumstances Dr John H. Watson receives a strange letter from Yokohama. The quiet, distinguished Mr Hashimoto is murdered inside a closed room on a voyage from Liverpool to Bombay. In the opium dens of Shanghai and in the back alleys of Tokyo, sinister men hatch evil plots. Professor Moriarty stalks the world, drawing up a map for worldwide dominion. Only one man can outwit the diabolical Professor Moriarty. Only one man can save the world. And that man has survived Reichenbach Falls. In a seriocomic Missing Years novel that radically ups the ante, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H. Watson find their match in more than one man (or indeed, woman). A thrilling chase that will leave you breathless


Sherlock Holmes! What I can say more? It’s the “it” book for me, the timeless piece of classic that I have loved reading since I was a child. That one book apart from Harry Potter series that won’t bore me no matter how many times I re-read.

I was happily enjoying my vacation in Mysore when my co-blogger excitedly rang me up and told me I had won this book as a part of the #RCHCGiveAway. I couldn’t wait to get back home and start reading it. Though I was a bit unsure if this writer could create the same magic as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did.To my complete surprise I felt like I was reading Doyle’s work. Though, in my opinion if I were the writer I wouldn’t want my readers to feel that they are reading the original writer’s work for very obvious reasons. Nevertheless, the writer’s effort is thoroughly laudable.

The story picks off from “The Final Problem” where Holmes is believed to be dead after the tussle with Professor Moriarty. The writer has managed to give a really logical explaination for Holme’s survival. Having never read “His last Bow” ( I didn’t really want to read it that soon! Never managed to complete the entire set of stories. ) this book seemed perfectly chronological to me.

The writer really sounded like Sir Doyle in major parts of the book, though at times it sort of deviated. The writing was simply beautiful.

The plot line was cohesive without any logical blunders. The book managed to keep me totally hooked and left me wanting for more. One thing that was a wee bit amiss was that the writer made Moriarty sound a little less evil. Come on! Moriarty is “the” perfect and logical villain for me before Voldy came along!

The writer obviously knows (or has studied) Japanese culture. I loved the way Japanese characters were used in the beginning of each chapter.

The foreword certainly deserves a mention. The foreword has been written by Calvert Markham, treasurer, Sherlock Holmes Society of London. The foreword has been written with such a passion that it amazed me that such a society even exists. Wish I would complete reading Sir Doyle’s entire works soon and relocate to London.(For those who are struggling to pick me a gift, you might as well take a pointer from the previous line) 

Overall it’s a fabulous piece of work that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Thank you Mr.Murthy for writing such a brilliant book.

VERDICT: It’s Sherlock Holmes!  Come on! You have to read it!

RATING: 5 on 5

 Vasudev Murthy is a writer, Indian classical violinist and management consultant. He lives in Bangalore with his wife, two children, five dogs and a collection of musical instruments.


PRICE: Rs.350


P.S: The Review might be biased as I am die hard fan of Sherlock Holmes Series.

P.P.S: If you haven't realized it yet from this font, may god save you :P 

Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse


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