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#64 : Love and Lokpal by Pooja Wanpal : A Review


BOOK TITLE: Love & Lokpal

ISBN: 9789332421332

AUTHOR: Pooja Wanpal

GENRE: Fiction - Romance


FORMAT: Paperback


REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Giveaway by The Readaddicts

Shlok Kulkarni, an architect by day and an Assassin's creed junkie by night is being bombarded with eligible girls by his matchmaking mama. In a bid to escape her and maybe check out a few hot girls while he’s at it, Shlok flees to Delhi, where a massive protest for the Lokpal Bill has been building up.

Kaveri Gokhale has been searching for a cause her whole life. When the winds of the Lokpal blow through the country, she eagerly catches the next train to Delhi to witness history.

When Shlok runs into Kaveri at Jantar Mantar, the sparks are undeniable. As their relationship blossoms, Kaveri discovers a dark secret that leaves her devastated . . . and endangers the fate of billion others. Will Shlok and Kaveri’s love wither or will it withstand the uncertainties of the corrupt politics? Can love truly conquer all ideologies?

The summary talks about love conquering ideologies and uncertainties of corrupt politics. Politics and love is always a powerful combination, a rather successful one when used correctly. Thus I was expecting a power packed storyline and ended up feeling a disappointed. May be my expectations were quite high. After all the writer is a rookie and is obviously taking baby steps.

I liked the characterisation of shlok but the character of Kaveri lacked that conviction of a political science student. A political science student just doesn’t go and join a protest without thinking how it actually might end. Moreover a political science student in my personal experience has that uncanny ability to understand and unmask the true face of a politician. Kaveri falling for that politician’s ruse annoyed me.

The “lokpal bill” has become a household term these days. Courtesy : Dissection of the bill by media. The writer obviously has based her story upon these dissection reports. Thus there is nothing special about this whole lokpal bill in the book. Or to be a bit blunt, weaving the story around Anna hazarae’s fast and the Lokpal didn't help in causing any ripples.

Thankfully the writing was clean and the language was simple. The writer I fell is capable of wonders but some has restricted herself.
Overall, I was disappointed. Hope Pooja does a better job in next book.

VERDICT: A light read not to be taken too seriously.

RATING: 3 on 5

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pooja Wanpal is an avid reader, writer and trekker. She is currently studying economics at Fergusson College, Pune. She is also the author of the book, 'Love and Lokpal' which was released in June 2013. Her blog can be found at

EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback, Kindle.

PRICE: Rs.95 (Paperback)


Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse

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