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#65 : Just Kidding....Yours Destiny by Anirban Das : A Review

                                            Just Kidding... Yours, Destiny

BOOK TITLE: Just Kidding…..Yours Destiny

ISBN: 9383808039

AUTHOR: Anirban Das

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Paperback


REVIEW BY: Shree Janani  

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The writer sent us a review copy. We thank him for it.

SUMMARY: Anirban Das is making his book debut with Just Kidding Yours, Destiny. The implied essence of the story is about making choices, their consequences and the role of destiny. The plot is a simple story, revolving around the complicated life of Kunal Roy. Ambitious Kunal is living the great Indian dream, having purchased a house in Mumbai, driving an expensive car and striving to earn pots of money. Having slogged for donkeys years in the same company, Kunal believes that he is a star employee in his company. He is determined to reach the top with a simple mantra - hard work and dedication. Kunals seemingly planned life and ambitions turn awry with the sudden acquisition of his company and an abrasive new boss who puts Kunal to the sword. Kunals life is further turned upside down with the entry of a company rookie, Shristi, compelling him to change his world view and his lifes priorities. Is Shristi for real or is she an illusion? And who is the real Kunal? Undergoing upheavals in both professional and personal life, Kunal looks to jettison his ambitions by embarking on a journey of self discovery in an attempt to regain his lost identity and a semblance of control. This book aspires to strike a chord with the readers, engage and entertain them. It has been written from the heart, in a manner, which is characteristic of the authors writing style. The story has been set in a typical Indian urban backdrop but the emotions enunciated, would transcend country barriers


Whenever an Indian writer approaches us for reviews we never say no. It’s my country and I wish to encourage writing in my country!  Though there are a lot of wannabies inspired by a particular writer who according to me isn’t worth to be a literary inspiration, yet writing off young writers and being judgemental is not fair. Thus I decided to go ahead and pick this book.

The summary talks of making choices and destiny. Destiny has increasingly become every other writer’s choice of theme. Anirban’s book is no different.

So what really made the book stand out? Narration. That’s it. Just the narration with footnotes.

The ending was predictable after a certain part of the story, till that particular turning point I was expecting the typical Bollywood kind “All is well” climax. Then again, like every other writer who centres his/ her plot on destiny invariably go in for a “different” (read sad) ending unlike the B-Wood ending! This book is no different.

The characterisations were realistic to some extent! I loved Shristi’s characterisation. I’ve always sort of wanted to be that bold girl who could roam around in a Bullet (Someday I will for sure! Working on it tirelessly).

Thankfully the writing was at least clean; else I wouldn’t have been able to complete the book. The narration was good sans the overdose of drama that one normally finds in a typical “destiny” book. The one thing that certainly deserves a mention are the foot notes. They really made my day. They were point blank hilarious!

The other thing that certainly needs to be lauded is the cover art. It quite justifies that title of the book. Loved the vibrant Blue & Yellow colors.

Though the writer began well, he sort of messed up midway. It was almost like he was thoroughly lost and confused as to how to end the book.

Overall, for a neat attempt by a rookie who obviously needs to work on plotline cohesiveness though he sure is witty and humorous.

VERDICT: Just another book. Could be skipped or could be read. Go for it if you want to just laugh!

RATING: 3 on 5

 Ignoring his childhood aspiration of becoming a sportsman, Anirban Das obtained a degree in mechanical engineering and followed it up with a post graduation in Advertising. He worked with an Indian automobile conglomerate, before quitting his job to pursue his MBA. Anirban loves to read, travel, listening to music. And forgot to mention, writing too! He flirted briefly with singing but decided against pursuing it, in larger public interest. What he does not enjoy is cooking, notwithstanding consistent prodding by family members. Anirban can be reached at

EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback & Kindle.

PRICE:  Rs. 176 (Kindle)


Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse

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