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#57 : The 13th Prophet : A Short Story by T.Lucas Earle - A Review


BOOK TITLE: The 13thProphet


AUTHOR:  T.Lucas Earle

GENRE: Fiction - Dystopian



SERIES / STANDALONE: Standalone – Short Story

REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The writer sent us a review copy. We thank the writer for the same!

SUMMARY :  Mulligan Burke, an over-the-hill P.I. who has forsaken the evils of Personality implants, is brought back from Alaska to investigate the murder of one of the Prophets. The Prophets inhabit the highest position of the social hierarchy - they dictate fashion trends. Fashion, in this instance, encompasses much more than clothing. And, as Burke discovers, being fashionable is something to die - or kill - for.


Short stories haven’t virtually become distinct these days.  Novellas have taken over. Isn’t it a bit appalling?! It’s obvious that no writer wants risk their reputation by writing a short story which is akin to a double edged sword.

Short stories, according to me are double edge swords. If they are well written they tend to make the reader want more. If they are poorly written, the whole purpose of short story is lost.

The writer has clearly managed to walk over that sword with ease. The story was perfect, with the perfect climax and clear flow of thoughts.
Initially I felt a bit lost but as the plot progressed, things were a bit clearer. The plot was air tight. The strength of the story would be the logical reasoning behind the plot.

I really didn’t have any complaints with this story.

The writer’s script reading/writing experience is evident from his style of narration.

Dystopian fiction has become an overrated genre. But the thankfully the writer saved me the pain of reading some hyper artificial senseless material.

VERDICT: Why not?! It’s a quick quirky read!

RATING: 4 on 5

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: T. Lucas Earle is a writer and filmmaker. T. Lucas has a degree in Film Production from Emerson College, and currently works as a script reader in LA. His stories have been published in Electric Spec and The Colored Lens. T. Lucas also writes two blogs and reviews television pilots for Blogcritics. His dark comedy, Abduction, was premiered in the 2013 LA Shorts Film Fest.


PRICE: Rs.59 (For Kindle)


Note : This review was first posted in 
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