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#47 : Life After Hell : Surviving Sexual Abuse by Gladys Quintal : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Life After Hell : Surviving Sexual Abuse

ISBN: 1492325996

AUTHOR: Gladys Quintal

GENRE: Non-Fiction


FORMAT: Digital


REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: We stumbled upon the book in goodreads and wrote to the author to feature her book as a part of #Womanifesto campaign. She sent us a review copy.

SUMMARY : After being separated from my mother twice in my 10 short years of life, I was more than a little excited at the prospect of being reunited with her again. Unfortunately, my elation was to be short-lived when the visits to my bedroom started. Threatening to send me away again or turn the loaded gun he kept in my wardrobe on us all, he kept my silence. It was to be another six years until I escaped the abuse of my mother’s husband and another 30 years before I was able to bring him to justice. Ironically, the one person that should have protected me and helped me fight to stop him, my mother, is still with him to this day


When I finished reading the book I was simply dumbfounded. I had this false impression that the west treats its women way better than Asia. The book was an eye-opener. Be it New Zealand or India or USA, perverts will be perverts. The only change is the way which justice was served.

 The writer practically lost her childhood to an abusive step-father. Her mom took the icing of the cake. Calling her a mom is a disgrace to motherhood. It is the ultimate blow to any women. I don’t have words to praise the writer for surviving that ultimate blow. Justice might give her a closure of things but can that lost innocence of childhood be brought back? I don’t think so.

The book is simply a blow by blow account of the abuse that the writer faced. To remark that the writer was bold enough to pen it down as a book is the understatement of the century. How often do we see abuse survivors come out with tales of torture? Only the really women who don’t care about the thoroughly judgemental world even attempt to talk about it.

In a literary point of view, the writing was simple. The writer emoted in a unique way. She didn’t really explicitly mention her feelings but when you read the book, you would perfectly understand her emotions of being violated.

More than how the book was written, what was written really matters. We have seen lots of articles written in news papers and blogs about such rape and abuse incidents. Those articles are a projection of events by a person who hasn’t witnessed them in first person. But when we read them it sends a shiver up our spine. Then imagine reading a riveting firsthand account of such events. It is rather disturbing in a way.

Strangely, Sympathy was the only emotion I didn’t feel while reading the book. I wasn’t sympathetic towards the writer.  Why should we? She is a bold person who has survived hell. You don’t sympathize with such people; you bow down to them and look up to them for inspiration.

The writer and her book are inspiring. Her way of getting over things (She is WRITING a book on avenging vampires. She has moved on found a husband and has children. 
I have no qualms at all with this book (like I normally do even with a 5 star rated book!)

VERDICT: We @ Readers’ Muse look upon the writer Ms.Quintal, salute her for boldness and whole heartedly recommend her book.

RATING: 5 on 5

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A survivor of sexual abuse, Ms.Quitnal has recently written the true account of her childhood, titled: Life After Hell: Surviving Sexual Abuse. She has tried to convey what happened to her as well as her journey to finally getting justice..
A lot of her real life experiences have gone into her fictional works - especially her first book : The Man of My Dreams, where she created a vigilante vampire that kills rapists and child molesters..... 
She loved Vampires and the paranormal ever since she can remember and always envisaged  writing a book or two on the subject! She has written 3 books in The Dream Series so far: The Man of my Dreams, Be Careful What You Wish For and The Chosen One. She is currently writing the 4th book in the series: Succubus: An Erotic Companion. All Paranormal Romance novels with Vampires (of course) as well as a bit of blood and gore thrown in and the 4th one is slightly on the erotic side! 
She also recently published a short story (Why Won't Someone Help Me?) about her health issues and the trouble with getting diagnosed or treated for invisible illnesses.

EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback, Digital

PRICE: Rs.184 (Kindle)


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