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#40 : Talking Walls and Cigarettes and other dark tales by Erin Beck & Kelli Beck : A Review


BOOK TITLE: Talking Walls and Cigarettes And Other Dark Tales

ISBN: 9781492265191

AUTHOR: Kelli Beck & Erin Beck

GENRE: Fiction


FORMAT: Paperback

SERIES / STANDALONE: Standalone collection of short stories

REVIEW BY: Shree Janani

HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The writer (Kelli Beck) shipped us a review copy. We thank her for that.


“Talking Walls and Cigarettes and Other Dark Tales” is a rather different book. It's a collection of 7 short stories revolving around one theme – Dark emotions.

The sort of emotions which normally you keep locked away and peeps rarely but when it does, it creates a ruckus. That's exactly what the book is about.

In the first story, “The Salesman” there is this bartender who hasn't recovered from her brother's death. She is visited by a handsome man called the “salesman” (Read a ghost/impression). Unable to overcome her brother’s death she also wants to die. This story is all about – Guilt, Sadness and want of death.

In the second story, “The Cellar”, a woman is tortured and murdered in a cellar. The killer is a psychopath who had a bad childhood which eventually turned him to the monster who takes pleasure in injuring women and murdering them.  Longing for love and revenge of sorts – That’s what this story is all about
The third story, “The Air In Venice” is a fictional account of a boy and a city which suffered due to plague. The boy who lives in a Christian missionary has hallucinations of hooded men spreading some sort of mist. The boy is taken to quarantine along with the sisters of the missionary but Sister Isabetta saves him and smuggles him to another city where he eventually dies. This story is about – Suffering and Death.

The fourth story, “Cough Syrup” is about a boy with a dysfunctional family – Drunk Mother who most of the time is high on drugs and eventually dies. The boy falls in loves with a girl and stalks her. But he has these visions of another woman who warns him and is always with him. This story is all about loneliness and that longing for love

Homecoming”. The fifth story is about a woman who is under psychiatric treatment. She hallucinates about her father who left her. Again this story is about that longing of father’s love.

The sixth story, “Porcelain” was by far the most disturbing story. A child is killed by her own parents to provide meat for their elder daughter’s birthday feast.

Talking walls and Cigarettes” the last story deals with a schizophrenic’s life and his hallucinations. He kills his old neighbor and eventually kills himself right in front of his sister.

Overall, the book was a rather dark and depressing read. I sort of felt drained when I finished reading the book. The writers portrayed the emotions bang on. But almost all the emotions were connected - anger, sadness, loneliness, longing. The sort of emotions that is connected with depression.

My rating for this book is purely based on the emotions the writers conveyed. The stories as such were too dark for my taste.

Dare not read the book in morning or late nights. Dark emotions make impressions faster. It tends to linger. That's exactly what happened with me. I read the book on the way to work. The emotions sort of lingered. I was grumpy or depressed all day!

VERDICT: Unless you have a strong tummy and a stronger heart and appreciate “Emotions” don’t go for it.

RATING: 4 /5 (Only and Only for the emotions the writers have conveyed.

Kelli Beck: When she is not gold mining or globetrotting with her husband, Kelli spends her time writing, reading, and playing with her two dogs. Often described as “worldly” and “well-traveled,” Kelli is envied amongst co-workers and friends alike. She has a knack for reading minds and can often predict the future. Many people worldwide come to her for financial advice and money as she is the sole proprietor of the only money tree in existence. Her heroes include her father, Stephen King, and Albus Dumbledore. She has read the Harry Potter series many times over and is proud to share her birthday with The Chosen One. She has been described as a fearless leader, charismatic, even bulletproof.

EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback, Kindle.

PRICE: Rs. 184 (Kindle Version)


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