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#37 : Runemaster by Paul E. Horsman : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Runemaster
ISBN: 9789491730078
AUTHOR: Paul E.Horsman
GENRE: Fiction – Fantasy
FORMAT: Digital (epub)
REVIEW BY: Shree Janani
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The writer contacted us via Goodreads and mailed us the book
The book picks off from the first book Shardfall. Muus continues his journey to kalmari to return the skyshard stone. Muus gets separated from his ex-master Kjelle and the Volva, Birthe. The journey of Kjelle and Muus are thus separately narrated by the writer.
Then there is a third narrative line of Tuuri, follower of the Jarl Rannar. Tuuri is caught by Kjelle but he somehow escapes only to be caught and doubted by his own master. Fate turns when he escapes once again with the help of a little boy.
The flow of the three narratives were really clear. It perfectly made sense to narrate the story line as three parts. Characters like Oddil, Harab who weren't exactly given high importance in the previous book got their much deserving attention.
Overall the three narratives have more or less the same goal : Fight the evil Fynni who are wrecking havoc all over, collect the runes & deposit the stone at Kalmari.
Kjelle falls in love with Birthe and uses her help along with Ajkelle, the bear warrior to fight various enemies along their path.
Muus on the other hand falls in love with the Druidess Moirra who guides him on a quest in collecting all the runes (in the form of knuckle bones). They are accompanied by Prince Ottil, Handman Geir, Hraab. They fight against plenty of naked-painted false druids who terrorize innocent people using magic and try to bring back the old gods.
My previous complaint of lack of proper introduction to character sort of got answered in this book. The slight hazy feeling that I had while reading the first book completely disappeared while reading this one. Reason: This book was faster and neater than the first book though the narration style of the writer remains the same in both.
The story is typically written along the lines of various fantasy fictions like Eragon, Percy Jackson series. Yet it’s a unique book. For someone who has no idea of Nordish names (The writer was kind enough to reply me via my mail and clarify what Norden means: the Norden are the lands in the north that is Scandinavia, especially Norway) or about Scandinavia, the book was crystal clear with proper glossary.
The characters had that depth though I found Muus's character a bit vague. May be the mystery around him would be cleared up in the next book.
The plot was very much alive. The writer ensured that there were just enough twists to keep the reader engrossed.
One more thing I found rather odd was that the book just ended! It just ended BAM! (Yeah. Just like that!) I was expecting more and the book ended. The best trick in the work. End the book BAM! Make the readers want more and put that as a separate book to keep the interest alive. The writer accomplished that perfectly. Not that I am pointing that as a mistake. Some smartness that was from the writer! (I'd do the same too. So no! I am not complaining!)
For someone who is a weenie bit old to read fantasy, the book didn't really make me feel like I was 12 to read fantasy. It was perfectly written for a 12 year old as well as for a 20 year old (Er......I am neither 12 nor 20)
But then there is no “perfect” age to read a particular genre of book, is it?!!
VERDICT: For all those who love fantasy, this is “the” perfect book to read! I am really looking forward to read the third book!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul E. Horsman is a Dutch and international fantasy author,Born in Bussum, a quiet little town in the Netherlands (1952). After finishing school and doing a stint in the army in tropical Surinam, he served for thirty years as a Scoutmaster. In his spare time, he earned his bread in various business capacities. From 1995 to 2012 he was an instructor at a large educational institution - where he explained to foreigners the wonders of the Dutch language and customs - until Governmental budget cuts terminated the school. Since then he is a full-time fantasy author. His first books have been traditionally published in The Netherlands by Zilverspoor Publishers: Rhidauna (2012), Zihaen (2013), Ordelanden (Summer 2013). Now he is determined to bring his stories to other parts of the world.In June 2013 his first international book appeared: Shardfall, Book 1 of The Shardheld Saga.
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Digital, paperback
PRICE: Rs.190 (Kindle Version)

Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse


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