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#41 : Mein Kampf By Adolf Hitler : A Review

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BOOK TITLE: Mein Kampf
ISBN: 0395083621
AUTHOR: Adolf Hilter
GENRE: Non-Fiction – Autobiographical manifesto
FORMAT: Paperback
REVIEW BY: Shree Janani
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: “Hitler” The name speaks volumes and my ever curious brain decided to make me dive for that untouched book in the library.
DISCLAIMER: I am no supporter of Adolf Hitler. He was an “A” Class scoundrel for sure but that doesn't mean I can be biased while reviewing his book. This review is not intended to hurt any sentiments.
I am writing this review about 7 years after I read the book. Back then when I read the book, I wasn't mature enough to know certain things (To be elaborated later). All I knew was Hitler was the reason behind the reduction of a huge of the population of the earth. But now my viewpoint has changed. It has changed so much that I remember Mein Kampf like I read it yesterday. Thanks to growing up.
Mein Kampf (My struggle) is an account of Hitler's life, his aspirations, his thought process as narrated by him. He has split the book into two volumes, Volume 1: The Reckoning and Volume 2: The National Socialist movement.
Volume 1 : The Reckoning more or less narrates how exactly the seeds of “The National Socialist Movement “  was planted in his head. It is very apparent from this line as stated by Hitler; “While the Goddess of Suffering took me in her arms, often threatening to crush me, my will to resistance grew, and in the end this will was victorious” he was a fighter by spirit. He recounts how all the suffering changed him and his ideologies. How exactly did he suffer? He “was forced to earn a living” working as a daily laborer and as a painter. He went hungry for a long time yet he read books voraciously. Books seem to have been his best friend. He then goes on to state that he initially didn't understand two principles, Marxism and Jewry (Mr. Hitler. I don’t too. It would have been best not to have thought about those things back then!  Would have prevented a war you know).  But learning made him frame this mental picture of what earth & its philosophies were. In short, his rather crooked opinion of Jewish ideologies.
But Volume 1 isn't the interesting part.
Volume 2 is where the serious thinking comes in. In volume 2 he elaborates his plans to wipe out the entire religion of Jew in German. He seems to have done a thorough analysis of his ideologies and ways to implement it. (Read steps to achieve “holocaust” or Genocide”).
Volume 2 was more compelling than the first volume. One tends to believe that Hitler was a true patriot and his ideologies are justified. Technically he looked like a saint compared to politicians today. Yes. That's the powerful writing in action. It's a classic example of how a political propaganda must be written. Volume two contained most of Hitler's military blueprints and Political aspirations.
But there was this line in the last chapter, “All the persecutions of the movement and its individual leaders, all vilification and slanders, were powerless to harm it. The correctness of its ideas, the purity of its will, its supporters' spirit of self-sacrifice, have caused it to issue from all repressions strong than ever” which made me snap back to the harsh reality that Hitler's ideologies and methodologies were the reason many innocent people were butchered. Volume two is a true proof that he was the prime reason behind the death of 50 million people.
The book is an eye opener for someone who has no idea of the magnitude of his tyranny. This is “the book” for people who lack determination and that fighter spirit. But unlike Hitler one must learn to fight for the right thing.
How is it even remotely possible for one individual (who was a vegetarian and loved only one women) to influence the world so much, destabilize peace and massacre millions? Simple. His determination. His unwavering stand on his beliefs. Most important of all, his hypnotic influence on people via his books, his writing and his speeches.
The writer just wanted to explain to people, his ideologies and justify it. The book did that bang on. The debate of whether his ideologies are right or wrong is up to the reader. To any sane reader his ideologies would sound wrong. That's the beauty of the book. Hitler hypnotizes the readers, making them feel his ideologies are so valid. Yet his writing makes you understand how wrong he was. That’s the irony of the book.
There were a lot of people in the Axis coalition who were responsible for Jews being slaughtered. But why is Hitler unforgettable while no one even cares to look upon who the “others” were? Read this book to know why.
VERDICT: “The” book to be read before you die. A perfect example of “how to be” but “how not to be that”!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: ADOLF HITLER (Do I even need to tell more?!)
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Hard Bound, Paperback, Digital , Open Access Edition

P.S. I am not a political sciences student. But I am human. A human who has a perfect sense of right and wrong.

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