Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#31 : In Love of Honey,Money.....And My Virgin Passport by Mita Jain : A Review


BOOK TITLE: In Love of Honey, Money....and My Virgin Passport
AUTHOR: Mita Jain
GENRE: Fiction – Romance
FORMAT: Digital
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The writer mailed the copy upon a request in goodreads forum
I picked up this book with a lot of apprehension. Thought I kind of liked the goodreads summary, I still had my reservations.
Reason: Few months back an Indian female writer had contacted me to review a similar story (No. I have nothing against Indians or Females. After all I fit into both the categories) after reading that poorly edited “Story-less” piece of work, I decided not to take any further chances. (No prizes for guessing what book....oops! So called book it is. I was being a true saint while writing that review)
Alas! The book wasn't that bad. The writing was good. No hi-fi words. Just simple and plain. It was a light read dealing with the original “story” of being an “IT” professional.
The story is narrated by Vinay, the protagonist. He talks about his transition from being a college kid to software “professional”.
Being in the almost same phase myself (Kind of really. I am not software professional, but it’s more or less the same everywhere), I can really relate to the story. But at times it’s just too good nice and sweet. Life isn't exactly fair. Like when the two “villain” Sameer & Anoop quit. Come on. Such managers don't go away so easily. Also when the “GoLive” gets messed up, Please, No client is going to be that sweet (Been there done that! Trust me!). To cut that “Oh-come-on!-no-way-life-is-that-fair” list short, the story simply didn't have twists or turns. It just flows. Since when life in the IT industry “flowed” just like that. Ask any “straight out of college – Just turned professional”, he/she is bound to tell you life is unfair!
Nevertheless, It’s a light book to read. Simple. Sweet.
VERDICT: Pick it up if you want to nod away in some pages of the book and go “no way that's going to happen man!” in some others.
RATING: 3.8/5
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mita was born in India, and spent her childhood there. She clearly remembers how her love for reading and writing grew. It was "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens which drew her into the world of reading and writing. She was about ten years of age when she started penning poetry. As she grew, her dreams changed too. But one thing that never changed was her love for art and writing
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Digital (On Request)

Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse

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