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#28 : Glen &Tyler Scottish Troubles By J.B.Sanders : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Glen & Tyler Scottish Troubles
ISBN: 130011939X

AUTHOR: J.B.Sanders

GENRE: Fiction- Thriller


FORMAT: Digital (Kindle)


HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: I won the #3 book in the series in a giveaway. Thus I wanted to read the entire series.

This is the second book in the Glen & Tyler series. Given that I liked the first book & I was sure the writer wouldn't exactly make me squirm by describing explicit details of a gay relationship, I decided to read this book too. Also the book back summary made the book so appealing.
“In the second installment of the Glen & Tyler series, the guys find out what happens when you inherit a Scottish castle, tussle with international crime gangs and host formal balls. Yes, balls -- with dancing and everything! In typical Hardy Boys—err…, Glen & Tyler fashion, there are secret passages, irascible old men, caves, missing treasure, fine liquor and kilts. Ok, the kilts thing is new -- but believe me, you’ll like ‘em. Although there isn’t much hockey this time around, there is shinty*. There’s also some romantic anniversary thing, but really, stay for the shinty.

* For those readers unfamiliar with the ancient sport of shinty, think hockey played on a field, without protective gear and with a solid rugby sensibility. Or a riot with sticks and a score keeper”

Scottish castle?! Missing treasure?! Formal balls where Glen & Tyler “dance”?! Should be fun right?! Yeah it was! I had a good laugh reading it. May be not just the laughter, a good bit of suspense too made me take an instant liking of this series.

Again, it’s a rather simple & ordinary theme woven into an extraordinary story with ample suspense, twists and a bit of romance (Normal sane type not the squirming kind).
An insanely rich “married” man with super-spy grandparents do tends to get into all sorts of troubles. And that's exactly what happens with Tyler. First, He inherits a Scottish castle among all the other things only to find out the whole village is being “ruled” by a sod tyrant. What does a “hero” do in such situations? He descends to resolve that “situation”. That's exactly what Glen & Tyler do. As to how they do it is the real story (thanks to an unlimited supply of vintage wine and some high octane drama)

The most comical part of the story is when Glen decides to hit college to complete is PhD where they meet another “insanely rich but oh-I-so-cool” prince.
Things take a rather serious turn when Glen solves that puzzle which they find while scouting the castle.

Yet again, the writer, J.B.Sanders has done a good job of turning an ordinary plot line into a brilliant story. I really don't know if it was just me or the book is intended to be comical

VERDICT: Definitely go for it. A humorous and racy book 


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author lives with an imaginary cat, and works in computer support (you know, the day job) in Upstate New York. He divides his time between writing humorous suspense novels, reading science fiction and urban fantasy, absorbing too much British TV (or as his roommate would say "those crappy BBC mysteries"), pondering why he didn't write a scifi or fantasy novel, and his various hobbies. No, reading isn't a hobby. It's more like a vocation. The author also wonders how people get away with talking about themselves in the third person this way. It's awkward. 

EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover

PRICE: Rs.273.88  for kindle edition

Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse


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