Monday, October 14, 2013

#32 : Confessions of a Male nurse by Michael Alexander : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Confessions of a Male Nurse
ISBN: 9780007467044
AUTHOR: Michael Alexander (Pseudonym)
GENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Digital (Epub)
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Amazon recommended me this book. On a loan from a digital library
This book was recommended to me by Till date I simply wonder why. Neither have I purchased books of this genre nor have i browsed books.
Upon reading the summary, I decided to give it a read.
Well...okay I confess. Grey's Anatomy. That's the real reason I read this book. I expected something like that TV show.
The book turned out nothing like that. Nevertheless, it's an unique book.  The book is about a male nurse's reservations/experiences in handling stampeding nudes to inebriated teenagers and to being the only male in a all female and “uncomfortable” gynecology ward.
The summary claims that the book is “touching, shocking and frequently hilarious account of one man’s life in nursing”.
Touching: Check
Shocking: Not exactly.
Hilarious: No way
Snippets of various incidents were narrated in a rather boring manner. One could also blame me for expecting something like Grey's anatomy in paper. It wasn't certainly a good read at all.
VERDICT: I recommend strongly that you don't pick this book if you have something like Grey's Anatomy in mind.
RATING:2 on 5
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Alexander is the pseudonym of a nurse who has previously worked in the UK and New Zealand.
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Paperback, Kindle.
PRICE: Rs.121 (Kindle Edition)

Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse


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