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#26 : Glen &Tyler : Paris Double-cross by J.B.Sanders : A Review

BOOK TITLE: Glen & Tyler's Paris Double-cross (Glen & Tyler Adventures)
AUTHOR:  J.B.Sanders
GENRE: Fiction - Mystery
FORMAT: Hardcover
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: Goodreads Giveaway.
I won this book from the goodreads giveaway only to find it not shipped on time. Finally the writer contacted me and apologized for the delay. Writers hardly do that! It was nice of the writer to apologize.
Then landed the beautiful hardcover autographed book. Its a rather small book in terms of number of pages.  Nevertheless the smell of a freshly printed hard bound book is mesmerizing! 

The story is about Glen & Tyler, the best buddies turned insanely rich "couple".(Yeah Yeah!! They are Gay) 
Thanks to their wealth and their crook super spy grandfather, these two are forced to follow suit & turn into spies when Glen's brother is framed for an art theft. The story is about how Tyler & Glen clear things out and dethrone the "Ultra Spy" group called King's Club.

When I first saw the cover and read the book back summary, I wondered if I had entered a wrong giveaway. No offense but Gay stories aren't exactly my cup of tea. But then I learnt my lesson: “Don’t judge a book by its cover". Just because I won the third book in the series, I started reading the first two books, which by the way were thoroughly entertaining! 

I don't really know if the writer intended the book to be hilarious or its just me finding parts of the book funny. Like in places where Glen kisses Tyler loudly or the "Romantic" Eiffel tower dinner. It didn't feel awkward at all. It sounded just comical to imagine men doing all that "Romantic stuff". 

The writer made a very sensible decision of not explicitly describing the physical relationship between Glen & Tyler. After all not all people would like a gay version of Fifty Shades (Hell! Not all people would like Fifty Shades in first place!)

The story had ample twists. Okay. That's an understatement. Ample "Googlies" would be rather apt. But at times the twists in the plot made me think "Oh come on! One can't be this smart!”. But the twists thankfully weren't predictable at all. Thus making the book enjoyable. 

P.S. I know. It’s a real short review. But I can't write more without giving away the plot.
VERDICT: Humorous! Read it!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR : The author lives with an imaginary cat, and works in computer support (you know, the day job) in Upstate New York. He divides his time between writing humorous suspense novels, reading science fiction and urban fantasy, absorbing too much British TV (or as his roommate would say "those crappy BBC mysteries"), pondering why he didn't write a scifi or fantasy novel, and his various hobbies. No, reading isn't a hobby. It's more like a vocation. The author also wonders how people get away with talking about themselves in the third person this way. It's awkward.
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Digital, Paperback, Hardcover
PRICE: Rs.273.88

Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse


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