Monday, May 27, 2013

#17 : First you Plz by Nisha B. Thakur : A Review

BOOK TITLE: First You Plz
AUTHOR: Nisha B.Thakur
GENRE: Fiction - Romance
FORMAT: Electronic (MS-Word)
HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: The Writer contacted me Via Goodreads PM asking me to review it.
First thanks to Nidhi for contacting me through Good Reads and mailing me a sample. I Loved the same and she sent me the whole book. 

I badly wanted to read a simple, not so complex small feel good type of book. And this Book(er… Okay not book. Story maybe?!) was just that! A nice break from the usual pulsating novels I normally read. 

The book is basically a short story about an immature post grad student's innocent love told in a simple manner. No complex character sketches. No complex description of the settings or characters or no unnecessary characters. Just a simple humble book which makes you realize small things of life. Small things of life like the fluttering feeling when the person whom you have a huge crush looks at you, the jealous feeling when the crush talks to a person whom you hate and so on.

The story revolves around Avanti and her first love Aakash. Avanti has two friends Meenakshi & Rachna who stick with her thin & thick. 

Avanti falls for Aakash and pursues him. Whether he falls for her or not is the story! 
Avanti is portrayed as rather immature person. But reality bites. Many girls are just like her. It’s an overdrive of emotions when a girl is ignored by the man she loves or when he doesn't reciprocate her feelings (Not my experience! I have a quite a number of gal pals who are just like Avanti!) That's exactly what happens with Avanti.

The writer emphasizes on small things that matter most. Small things which are pointers or signs that a person is in love. Small things which we all once enjoyed in some point of our life. That's what I like most about this book. 

Though the book is nice to read, the writer could have described characters a bit more. Parts of the story lagged behind slightly. The writer could have been a bit more cohesive. It’s a simple case of poor editing. But for a first timer it’s an attempt to be applauded.

VERDICT: I wouldn’t exactly recommend if you are choosy reader. Though if you can read anything, virtually “Anything” then this if for you.
RATING: 3.5/5
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nisha lives in Navi Mumbai with her family. After completing her post graduation in Communication Management she worked as a copywriter with a reputed ad agency in Mumbai. She now works as a freelance copywriter cum screenwriter.
Nisha is presently juggling with freelance copy and screen writing projects. She aspires to be a known author and film writer.
EDITIONS AVAILABLE: Digital (on request)
BOOK LINKS: Contact the Writer to read this “book”

Note : This review was first posted in Readers' Muse


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