Sunday, July 1, 2012

#8 : Inter-Views

Finally I got a fodder to chew! Interviews!

Many of you might be wondering why am writing about interviews when I already have a job offer.  Lets just say I am looking for better work opportunity - hence Interviews.
My first interview hardly lasted 20 mins. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be selected. Just 20 mins that too hardly any technical questions! No way! ( That's what I thought!) But alas I did get the job
It was a complete surprise actually. But I wasn't exactly happy about it due various reasons (Long story!).

Here are few things that I picked up by attending some 6 odd company's selection process :

1. When you really think you have given your best shot, you never get selected, mostly applicable to aptitude and technical rounds ( Happened with me twice!). your best is yet to come!

2. Results of aptitude rounds can be unpredictable - Think of peer group's standards. Many people may simply be either smarter than you or dumber than you or they may simply get lucky (I got lucky once :P)

3.Group Discussions are hanging swords - What you speak can either go against you or favor you!               ( Favored me once though I almost had a verbal showdown with another participant(read as my own class mate)!)

4. Accept that fact that not always you and your best buddy get a job in the same company - EXAMPLE : Me & My best buddy-Pritika! { I keep wondering who is going to finish off my lunch & translate tamil for me after I join work! *sob sob* :( }

5. Follow the ethics that you studied (Professional ethics ) - A classic example would be a situation where you already have an offer in a good company & you  attend interviews in-spite of having an offer to kill for (Never say this excuse : Its just an experience!)  for some other company which is  in the same category of the company that you already have an offer from (To be understood as "core offers") You have absolutely NO RIGHTS to destroy other's chances of landing a good job offer  (Personal Experience. Have been at the receiving end of such a goddamn situation!)

6.Stand for what you say - Don't panic and change your answer when the interviewers asks if you are sure about the answer. ( I know its difficult! but then you have to be steady!)

7. Technical interviews tend to give you a headache - don't talk much before any technical interview. Save your energy ( I got a bad headache twice!) an empty stomach tends to amplify this phenomenon.

8. Last but not the least! Be yourself! ( Well.... Not exactly if you are the short tempered type or the silent type!)

One attitude that would help if you are not selected - "Trisha illena dhivya!" :D

PS: I am no genius in cracking interviews. I simply had fun (& obviously failures) which gave made me write this piece!


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