Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#6 : Playing the Devil's Advocate

Watching an Interview (Can you take it Karan Thapar?!) of one of my favorite "anchor/Interviewer" Mr.Karan Thapar ( Devil's advocate CNN-IBN)  by News Laundry triggered me to write this post.

For those who have no clue who Karan Thapar is & don't watch those "Hellish" kind of interviews & prefer the "normal" kind of interviews here is a little some thing about the show & its anchor.
Devil's Advocate as rightly named is hosted by Mr.Karan Thapar who obviously plays the "Devil's advocate"   ( Honestly some of his interviews has made me wonder if he is the devil himself ! Though its kind of nice to watch such a hard play at times!!). People literally get roasted on this show! I very much remember an episode where the famous advocate/politician Mr.Ram Jeth Malani walked out in the middle of the interview.Thanks to the anchor's grilling!  Another interview that just blew my mind off was the one with Mrs.J.Jayalalitha , CM - TN  (This one was in BBC) 

Honestly! That's Journalism at its best & worst! Bit contradicting am I?!
Well Let me elaborate on it.

1) Rude! At times the interviewers are thoroughly rude & show their exasperation out publicly! Okay agreed your are humans as we are & you also get frustrated just like us. But that doesn't mean that you have to vent it out like that.

2) Not all interviewers are like that honestly! There are many people who are really nice when they interview even the worst kind of people. My all time favorites are Prannoy Roy & Vikram Chandra of NDTV.

3) Certain "News"channels tend to telecast more of "Buzz"news (Entertainment "News" its called). Seriously I simply feel its not that important to know which celebrity is dating whom etc etc!

4) The Mudslinging (More Commonly seen in print media) - Like me,most have you would have noticed a hell a lot of mudslinging going on between The Times of India ( The sleepy ad!) & The Hindu ( The changing with 'Times' ad). I simply feel these two news papers are two different entities that can never compete with each other. Both the papers have their own share of good & bad.

Well, I CONCLUDE that the News Media has been both an angel & devil. But wencan never live without the Fourth estate can we?!!!

PS: My first attempt in criticizing something in good & bad way! I'm Entitled to my opinions after all!