Friday, September 16, 2011

#4 : Barking dogs seldom bite!

DISCLAIMER : This post is not to offend any one. If you are offended its not my fault...its your sub conscious speaking!

Perplexed by the title?! Wonder what I am going to complain about this time ( last time it was corruption)?!

The Petrol price hike! That's my fodder today!

The oil companies approached the Oil & Natural gas Ministry for another hike in the petrol prices & got it done too.The three state-owned oil companies - Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and Bharat petroleum Corporation Limited - said yesterday that with the rupee tumbling against the dollar, they are paying more for crude oil.

"Oil retailers are losing Rs. 2.61 per litre or Rs. 15 crore per day on sale of petrol. Together with local taxes, the hike needed to level domestic rates with international prices is about Rs. 3 per litre," a top government official had said on Wednesday.

What an awesome & "amazingly" clear explanation for the hike! I hardly understand what that "top" government official is trying to convey!
All I can understand is that our natural resources are depleting at alarming rate.Though we educated people know the consequence of this we seldom do anything about it.
To begin with,how many of use the public transport services?!
I know! I can hear you complaining that the public transport service is not good enough & at times not comfortable enough.
Then I ask is the traffic situation "good" enough for you?!
Honestly evading through the traffic at TNagar(especially during the festival season) & many such arterial areas is the biggest challenge one can ever face.
I'd use the public transport happily any day! Why take unnecessary tension of navigating my way out of that damn traffic jam?! Moreover its highly annoying to keep honking & hear that sound! Why get all tired & sweat like a pig ( for the poor two wheeler riders) & then have a sore back after reaching the destination finally (like that scene where Rajinikanth & Goundamani come out after getting tickets for a movie in the film Mannan!)

The Traffic block at T.Nagar

Traffic jam at Anna Saalai

Kathipara junction traffic jam

Another common complaint that I hear is that the buses & trains are crowded during the "peak" hours.I don't get this "peak hours" concept at all!!!
Agreed most of the schools & offices have the same working hours which obviously causes this rush. Why does every one have to reach their destination DOT ON TIME?! Why not 5 to 10 min EARLIER?! I know people who take the same bus daily on that particular time only to reach their destination on time.Why not take the earlier one?!
( I know what you are thinking! Hardly we are punctual & reach  our destination on time! reaching that damn place earlier is next to impossible isn't it?!!! )
There are this other category of people who are simply lazy even to walk to the nearby shop.They hop on their vehicles & speed away. Consequence -Petrol waste,traffic jams & a sore back(Come on folks! stop being this lazy!)
The other most common scene in any road is the "totally" masked rider. Especially us female folks.Its out of pure compulsion to keep our face & hair in a proper condition & prevent the pollution from harming us,that we have to mask it completely like a burglar!I know a friend of mine who spends nearly 10 minutes putting on all her masks ( the long gloves, the head gear & the dupatta to cover her face completely leaving out her eyes) & another 10 minutes removing all that!Why do all this?! Using the train of the bus might reduce the need for us to be completely masked.

Burglar on run?! Oh no! its a lady trying to protect herself from the pollution!

I finally chew in my fodder by concluding that stop barking about the hike in prices of petrol. Instead think of  the alternatives!Use the public transport more frequently & WALK short distances ( It'll at least reduce the ever increasing waist line of the lazy & give some exercise for the couch potatoes!)



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