Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#1 : Travel by public transport : the plight & the joy

I know the title just seems to be contradicting. But then that's how i find it!

I decided to use the public transport to get to college instead of shelling out 13,000 bucks for the college bus (after all i didn't have another option given that getting myself a two wheeler is a distant dream! leave alone using it to commute daily!). At first i found the travel rather annoying. Thanks to my general weak sense of balance & lack of experience in traveling anything crowded! I clearly needed to master the "ART OF STANDING WITHOUT LOOSING MY BALANCE" in a damn crowded bus when the driver brakes.

I also was thoroughly terrified by the crowded bus for the first 10 days probably thanks to few cheap species of the mankind who derive pleasure by assaulting the poor women folk by doing all sorts of unmanly things like tripping over "By mistake". I still don't understand the need for the such an animal behavior!

I very vividly remember my first day of college this year. I was getting back home from college after a long hectic day filled with 'SOUND' advice from my professors for my last year in college. I had to carry home a bag full of big books that would qualify as pillows. The worst part- I didn't get a seat in the bus :( I had to balance my own weight & the bag's weight). A decent looking guy came out of nowhere & stood behind me. He literally started breathing down on my neck. Initially i didn't complain as the bus was too crowded...what would the poor guy do... As bus plied through I started to feel uncomfortable. The stench was unbearable.I realized the guy was drunk. Obviously he was not in his senses. I somehow managed to move away from him bu the bus got even more crowded. I simply prayed to god that i shouldn't puke in bus itself. To my relief the bus was just 2 stops away from my stop.The lady standing next to me realized my plight & gave that drunk idiot a piece of her mind. My god! I didn't have the guts to do that! I got down from the bus & thanked god for making sure I didn't puke & for sending such an "Iron" lady!

After all this I thought my travel was going to be nightmare filled with obnoxious species of the humankind. But things kind of changed. I started to look at the other things. The kids that carry very heavy bags & chatter non stop, the poor conductor fellow shouting for the people to move inside the bus, the comical college crowd that comes in & make fun of the conductor. These few things kind of compensate for the all the negatives.

Bus travel can at times really be annoying & at the same time leave you with a lot of good memories( funny memories if u travel with a bunch of friends!) 



  1. Eeks!! travelling in a MTC bus during peak hours sucks to the core. I agree with the last two lines :)

  2. accept the very truth. travelled by bus the 3yrs of my college & yes its definitely fun with frnds & some DECENT guys cracking jokes..

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