Sunday, August 14, 2011

#2 : The Foodie

This post is the result of a "Group Discussion" that we friends had for our placements & training session. It was one of the best sessions ever ( Thanks to the topic - "Multi cuisine Vs. single cuisine restaurants ").

That was the day that I realized how many foodies were there around me. I certainly wouldn't claim to be a foodie ( Its a common misconception that slightly " Healthy " people like me are almost certainly foodies!)

Indians today have become through foodies.Whenever I decide to eat out in a restaurant I end up waiting for a table. Gone are the days when Hotels would have boards advertising their menus so as to attract people's attention & tempt their taste buds.

The concept of Home made food is being replaced by Fast foods. I had this "foodie" conversation with a long time friend of mine-Aruna.Just 3 days into her Post grad course she knows what kind of food is available nearby her college. 3 years in  college & I hardly know any good eateries near my college. Leave alone knowing what kind of food is available!

We have become too lazy to hit the kitchen & cook for ourselves. The intelligent folks have made full use of this fact & started variety of restaurants & got in to the manufacturing of array of ready to eat products.
I found it very surprising that almost all the main road in our city at least have in good Dine-in which seems to be filled with ever hungry crowd at any given point of the day.
Though eating out gives you a chance to break your monotonic menu, it isn't always isn't healthy. Even the best of the restaurants can leave your tummy upset & give you a bulging waist line if you eat out daily.

Whatever it is there is no match to the home cooked food! Ask the poor people who stay away from home & live out of these diners. Trust me! I have that experience. I had gone to an inplant training to Ariyalur, TN in a cement factory. I got star a accommodation & equally good food service. I found it super the first day.But as days progressed I got sick of that food. The day I came back home & had yummy yummy home cooked food, it felt like heaven! Whatever "The foodies" say! Home cooked food (especially cooked by someone else other than You!) is the best!

P.S: Foodies in this post meant people who like to eat out a lot. Not the folks who "SURVIVE TO EAT " ( The kind of people who simply eat a lot be it home cooked or from a restaurant!)


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