Monday, August 22, 2011

#3 : Corruption-o'-mania

A recent argument with a friend of mine who thinks to support the Jan Lokapal bill one ( Me in particular!) must participate in the various Anti-Corruption campaigns spread across the country,sparked me to write this post.

First what exactly is this Jan Lokpal bill?! For all those ignorant people who still don't know what the whole country is heatedly debating about please go hit this website (Its High time you know what all people around you are talking about!)

For those of us who know what it is all about - Welcome to the Debate of the century!(Debate for the ruling government & not for simplistic citizens like us! We are pretty clear about what we want!)
I strongly believe in a fact that we are the main reason for corrupting many people in this country.How many of us have paid those few "EXTRA" bucks to get a driving license or a passport or may be even a cinema ticket ( I can proudly tell I have done none of the above! Never watched a movie with black ticket & neither do I  have a driving license nor do I drive a vehicle without one!) How many of us have escaped form getting a parking offense ticket or a rash driving ticket by paying that traffic police a 100 bucks!?!! Yet we talk about politicians being corrupt! what an irony!!! Its we who have corrupted the entire nation by bending rules to our comfort!
Like the famous adage " Charity begins at Home", its must be " Anti- corruption Begins at home" ( or something like that which conveys the essence of anti-corruption movement!) If we stop giving they would stop taking!
Its not required that one must go sit in a fast or join the candle campaign to show their support to the Jan Lokpal draft. If we simply do our civic duties properly half the problem is solved! The rest of the problem can be very well taken care by the Lokapal bill. 

Stop this!

& for those who still take bribes we must follow this....

Vettu ya vettu!!!!
PS: This is my opinion only! After all we are entitled to have opinions!


  1. Nice work.. I like the part "Anti- corruption Begins at home" its true. you rightly said that you have never bribe any one, thats because you are still in college, once you come out of the heaven you will be forced to do this crime at least few times.. it is unavoidable that is how the situation is in India.Even if u haven't paid ur father ur borther ur sister ur friend would have paid for you in one or the other way... there may be ppl in india who may not even know the capital city of India but sure they will know what is bribe... you be a literate or illiterate, just like gravity u will be forced to bribe in your life time... as u said if only few departments are corrupt in India we can spend more time (which should be few years) to get the license or passport... but here from getting your garbage cleaned to getting a death certificate u have to bribe here... it is not easy to live without bribe here... bribe has become synonymous for Indian citizens... 10/100 ppl accept bribe, the 90/100 are ready to pay.. it is hard to stop the rest 90 ppl who are helpless and pushed in to this situation, but if we make a strict law, we can stop the 10/100 ppl and ultimately bribeing will stop... just for once ppl come out of ur home and support this cause, even if you don't like Anna it doesn't matter, if a good Lokpal bill is passes each and every citizen wil be benefited from this from a labor to milliner every one will be benefited.. Be selfish, support this biggest revolution for your own good... Jai Hind

  2. Thanx Sivani! agreed with you! Jai Hind!

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