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#680 : 10 Books that are equipped with great betting advice

Ten books that are equipped with great betting advice

Betting's popularity is at peak these days. People opt for betting for fun and for winning some handsome amount too. But it sometimes proves to be a disaster also when they are not familiar with the betting odds and its rules properly. Many betters who make massive investments in sports betting want to know the secrets of the famous punters.
Therefore, to have maximum fun and to improve your winning odds, here are the ten best books that are equipped with the significant betting advices and the stories of the famous punters.
Also, after knowing about some handy tips from these books, you can use them with the help of, where you can get information about the best betting sites in India. Let us start with the first one.
1.     Enemy Number One-The secret of the UK’s most feared punter (Patrick Veitch)
The enemy number one book consists of the story of Patrick Veitch, who is a professional punter of the UK. The book includes his story of how he overcame his fear and adversity to make more than $10 million from bookmakers in eight years.
2.     Scorecasting-The hidden influences behind how sports are played, and games are won (Tobias J. Moskowitz and l. Jon Wertheim)
Scorecasting book includes the number of attempts made by the punter to overcome the highly valuable saying of the betting sports. It constitutes the hidden secrets of winning and losing basketball, football, and baseball games.
3.     Sports Betting- Profiting from Point Spreads (Daniel Fabrizio and Joseph Hunter)
The sports betting book introduces the tactics and powerful strategies that help in turning the betting odds and its market into the business activity. The term sports investor suits perfectly to this book because it includes the survey of betting market than betting odds.
4.     Mathematics in Games, Gambling and Sports (Ronald J. Gould)
The book is a must to have by the betters to know deeply about the discrete statics, probabilities, elementary discrete that is strictly used in gambling, games and sports. It also constitutes various examples, problems, and questions that explain perfectly the application of mathematical calculations in the field of gambling.
5.     Freud On Course- Racing lives of the Clement Freud (Sir Clement Freud)
This book includes the top secret of Clement Freud, who is the top-most and fearless punter. He also has a winning fortune to win by 33-1 in 1973 Ely by-election. Moreover, the book also consists of the history of the racecourse. His journalism is unmatched and is characterized by waggishness.
6.     Weighing the Odds (King Yao)
The primary purpose of the book is to provide successful sports betting odds. It shows perfectly how to compare, evaluate, and analyse the sports betting odds more precisely but is not from the gambling viewpoints.
7.     No Easy Money- The Gambler Diary (Dave Nevison)
The book by David Nevison holds the secrets of betting on the racetracks in Britain. In writing, he discloses his aim of winning GBP 1 million and also gives the complete details of the betting advices which cover how to enhance the odds, when to low, and win maximum.
8.     The Odds- One Season, The Three Gamblers and Death of The Las Vegas (Chad Millman)
The book covers the portrait of the three gamblers in Las Vegas and their lights and shadow. It takes the readers behind the betting scenes and steps into their lives how they win, lose, and what odds they choose to gain the most. And it also covers how they risk everything for betting.
9.     Conquering Risk- Attacking Las Vegas And the Wall Street (Elihu D. Feustel)
When the majority of sports betting books focus solely on sports betting, this book demonstrates the four in-depth winning secrets of betting sports like WNBA, NCAA, NFL, and MLB. Additionally, the book also explains the numerous approaches applied to exploit the sports betting market, their inefficiencies, and even the bookmaker's incorrect assumptions too.
10.  Sports Arbitrage- Riskless Investments (George Lynam)
The book includes mostly practices and theories of famous punters and their riskless investments by including many inspiring examples. It also shows the possibility of generating substantial income even with the small banking debts or budget. The book seems appealing to those who are practicing the riskless investments. No wonder you are a beginner or a professional one; the book perfectly meets with the desires of betters.
Final words
So, these are the top ten sports betting books that are equipped with the strategies and winning stories of the famous punters. These books will serve you the best betting advices to improve your winning odds.


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#679 : Something Old,Something New - Paper Hearts and Promises by Devika Fernando : Spotlight

Something Old, Something New
- A DRA Production

Seven bestselling authors. Seven incredible second chance romances. One epic anthology. 

What would you do for another chance with the one you love? 

Something Old, Something New - a unique novella anthology - tries to answer this question with fantastic, different, desi dramas. 

Whether it is shapeshifters or shifting interracial relationships, single moms in small towns or rich alpha heroes, friends-to-lovers or passionate ex-husbands; this anthology has something for everyone. 
Something Old, Something New explores the many different facets of love, forgiveness, fated mates and more in seven, distinctly Indian tales!

Paper Hearts and Promises by Devika Fernando

Seven years later, their paper hearts and promises still mean the world!

Happy running her little crafts shop and making a lifelong dream come true, the last thing Taara needs is to be reminded of heartbreak. But when Luke, the handsome architect from Australia—and the first man she ever loved—is thrown back into her life, the past and the present collide. She should absolutely not listen to her feelings and jeopardize her stable future, no matter how tempting a second chance seems.

When Luke returns to India after seven years, the last thing he expects is to meet Taara again. He’s here on business, not to lose his heart to the one woman who’s haunted his dreams for entirely too long. Why then does he feel like fighting for what seemed irrevocably lost? Why can’t he resist temptation?

Read an Excerpt from Paper Hearts and Promises

Impulsively, he grasped her hands, which made her stop dead in her tracks. “I’ll treasure this forever,” he said with feeling, watching her breathing speed up. “The time with you, and the fact that you didn’t haul me from site to site but gave this some thought and chose various architectural highlights.”
A blush crept over her face, and her lids lowered. When she lifted her gaze back to his, her eyes shone with a light he hadn’t seen for seven years. “I was hoping you’d appreciate it. And I…” She hesitated, bit her lip. “I’m enjoying the time with you too, Luke.”
A car honked loudly not far away, and they jumped apart like teenagers caught necking under the staircase.
“One more item,” Taara said, her tone all brusque and business-like. She pulled her dupatta tighter around herself, and Luke could’ve kicked his own butt for flustering her.
The driver braved the hellish traffic again as the sun set in a fiery blaze over Chennai. He parked at the Express Avenue shopping mall, and Taara finally broke the silence. Looking suddenly shy and uncertain, she fidgeted with the hem of her embroidered kurta.
“I have a suggestion. But please don’t feel pressured into saying yes.”
Instantly curious, Luke sat up straighter. “I’m saying yes.”
She blinked. “What? But…you don’t even know what I’m going to suggest.”
He grinned. “I don’t care. This afternoon has been heaps of fun, and I’ve always trusted your judgment. So the answer is yes.”
Taara tilted her head and stared at him, and he had the weird feeling she was peering right into his soul. Or maybe his heart? And if so, would she see how much she still meant to him?
After a seemingly endless moment, she nodded once. Then a smile almost fierce in its brightness lit her features. “Yes it is then.”
He felt his mouth stretch in an answering smile. “Awesome. Now what’s the suggestion?”

About the Author:
Having always loved to read and write, Devika Fernando made her dream come true in 2014 when she became a self-published novelist. The author with German and Sri Lankan roots has released more than 15 novels in the genres of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. Her trademark is writing sweet and sensual, deeply emotional stories with authentic characters. Many of her books feature multicultural couples in international settings.

First Prize - A Kindle
Second Prize - 6 Months Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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#678 : Something Old Something New - No Other Love by Aarti V Raman : Spotlight

Something Old, Something New
- A DRA Production

Seven bestselling authors. Seven incredible second chance romances. One epic anthology. 

What would you do for another chance with the one you love? 

Something Old, Something New - a unique novella anthology - tries to answer this question with fantastic, different, desi dramas. 

Whether it is shapeshifters or shifting interracial relationships, single moms in small towns or rich alpha heroes, friends-to-lovers or passionate ex-husbands; this anthology has something for everyone. 
Something Old, Something New explores the many different facets of love, forgiveness, fated mates and more in seven, distinctly Indian tales!

No Other Love by Aarti V Raman

Can they live with the reality of each other, when no other love will do?

Once upon a time, Drs. Vikrant and Anika had their happy ending...until they ruined it with pride, ego, and ambition. 
When Vikrant Pandit, GP, left his wife to go back to Aronda, the small town he grew up in, he imagined it was forever.
A year later... he's back. Worse, he needs Anika's help.
Anika Banerjee, MD, was destroyed when Vikrant left. Taking her heart with him. But when he asks her for help, she is unable to deny the only man she's ever loved.
Anika agrees to pretend they’re still married. But living together brings to light bittersweet revelations and red-hot desire.
Can they live with the reality of each other when no other love will do?

Read an Excerpt from No Other Love

“So, tell us about running a hospital for the poor people, yaar?” Dr. Vinod Swamy asked with a snicker.
Anika closed her eyes as she heard her husband’s reluctant laugh. It was low, throaty, entirely too masculine for her peace of mind. It was melting her bitterness and she couldn’t stand it.
“Don’t be silly, Swamy,” Anika said, as she shouldered her way to the forefront of the gaggle of admirers. “Vik isn’t running a charitable hospital. It’s a small clinic in the middle of nowhere. And,” she aimed a nasty, vicious smile at poor Swamy. “I’ve seen the houses in Aronda. None of them are poor, man.”
Swamy smiled uncertainly while an awkward silence reigned around the group.
“Anika, I thought you were in NICU,” Dr. Anu said, finally. “I was just going to text you but you know how bad the network is on the fifth floor.” Anu had tried to mediate between her and Vikrant back when a mediation might have actually worked between them.
“Yep, I know,” Anika said.
She still didn’t look at Vikrant, even though she knew she had his attention. Say what you will but the man was predictable. If she was anywhere in the vicinity he was looking at her. Silent, with intense focus. Too bad that is all he did.
Talking was not his strong suit.
Anika couldn’t believe she’d found his silent, brooding neurosis hot once upon a time. What a silly, immature girl she’d been.
The silence continued for a few more seconds before Dr. Tripathi cleared his throat as his phone beeped. “Hey, look at that. I have a patient to look at. So nice to have you back, Vikrant.” He slapped Vikrant on the shoulder. “We have to hang out outside of this hellhole before you leave again.”
“Sure, Ashok. I’ll text you, okay?”
That was the secret cue for everyone to disperse until it was just Anika and Vikrant at the huge booth. She remained standing and he was sitting.
He looked the absolute same – same scruffy beard, piercing, unreadable eyes. Maybe he’d lost a little bit of weight around the cheeks but the rest of him looked the same. Tall and vital and strong.
She hated him for it.
Finally, Vikrant broke the silence. He leaned back against the booth, resting one long arm on the headrest. “That wasn’t necessary, you know.”
“What wasn’t?” Anika kept her eyes trained on his face, even though she wanted to look at his shoulders. She used to sit there. Right next to him, safe in the circle of his arm. Chipku, he used to call her. Sticky. She’d been so stuck on him.
It was horrifying but tears unexpectedly spurted in her eyes. She blinked rapidly, clenching her fists in an effort to stop them.
“Attacking Swamy and Anu. They were just trying to defuse the situation.”
“The situation being me, right?”

About the Author:
Aarti V Raman is a hybrid author of more than ten bestselling novels of romantic women’s fiction. She is the co-founder of Desi Readers Adda, India’s first Facebook community by bestselling multi-genre authors for readers to discuss books and reading in a safe, inclusive space. 
A former business journalist turned full-time writer, Aarti’s more notable works include Kingdom Come, the Geeks of Caltech series, More Than You Want, The Perfect Fake among others. Aarti is also a columnist, public speaker, and an amateur poet. 

First Prize - A Kindle
Second Prize - 6 Months Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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#657 : 7 Books to Read if you Love Gambling : Book Review

Betting has gotten incredibly mainstream through the number of years as technology has been advancing. There are two unique kinds of betting, social betting and commercial betting. Social betting is a style of betting where everybody has a possibility of winning once or more. On the other hand, commercial betting is a style of betting where everybody doesn't have a similar possibility of winning. Club, racing, sports and lotteries are the best and most common examples of commercial betting. Nonetheless, betting started being more acknowledged across the globe, right from Spain to Scandinavian countries, right from Jordan to South Africa, as time passed.
The advantages of authorized betting have started overwhelming the negative aspects of this industry. Legitimized betting is now considered to contribute to the economy. However, it is important to know the nitty-gritty of betting if you already love doing it. The best option to know more about betting is by reading about the games and reviews on casinos on Betway Casino Review India.Reading these seven books mentionedbelow will help you understand betting even better:

  1. Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions is a book by Ben Mezrich about a group of MIT students also known as the MIT Blackjack Team. Despite the fact that the book is a piece of nonfiction, there are a noteworthy amount of fictional and anecdotal components, making the book even more dramatic for the readers to obsess on. The book was the inspiration behind the films 21 and The Last Casino.

  1. Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games:A book by Michael Shackleford,gambling 102 is a book which will give you a whole different experience about this industry. This book gives the best demonstrated methodologies to be followed all gambling club games - from baccarat to poker to blackjack and craps- this book has it all.

  1. The Man with the $100,000 Breasts: The fact that few people will do anything for cash is known to all. This book is about one such man called Brian Zembic, who beneficiary of the world's most infamous breast implant. After a fellow card shark bet $100,000 on Brian to get a breast implant in ladies, which he appreciated so much, Brian ended up going under the blade to turn into a 38C size and owner of $100,000. Moored by this mind-blowing story, betting master Michael Konik acquaints people with the culture of hot shots and hawkers who make betting a lifestyle.

  1. Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling – A book by David G. Schwartz, the history of betting, spreading over the Stone Age to the Internet period, looking at how it developed with and affected human is the main plot of this story. The writer talks about the epic story of betting, starting with its initial rising up out of festive gatherings to the present worldwide gaming society. In general Schwartz takes a gander at the betting games individuals have played since the beginning of historyand contends convincingly that betting has consistently been a lavish piece of entertainment.

  1. The Gambler: This book is a short novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky about a young teacher. This book brings in light Dostoevsky's personal relation with roulette, which was to such an intimate level that it became the primary motivation for the book. Dostoevsky wrote this book in 1866.

  1. Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One – Written by Edward, who is called the greatest maestro of card tallying. In this exemplary guide he shares the progressive framework of strategies that has been effectively utilized by expert and novice players for ages. An intriguing read and a key asset for winning enormous, Beat the Dealer is the book of scriptures for players of this round of possibility.

  1. A Man for All Markets: Another great book by Edward O. Thorp, this book is a staggering genuine story of the card-tallying mathematics teacher who showed the world how to beat the vendor and, being the first of the incredible financial specialists, he also aided in bringing a transformation on Wall Street. His exceptional achievement - and scientifically unassailable strategy - created such a scene, that gambling clubs had to change the principles of the game to obstruct him and the armies of players he motivated. The casinos finally banished him from their premises; even put his life at risk. In any case, this book is an account of exceptionally chilling experiences and totally worth a read.
Betting can be a lot of fun yet can drag a common man into its dirty and tricky loopholes. One should definitely read these books to avoid those loopholes in betting yet have a great experience.


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#656 : The slow death of Blogging and Organic growth

Writing was a skill I always loved to flaunt and work upon. I vividly remember my 9th-grade teacher "complaining" to my mother that I was being a show-off when it came to English and I had to "tone down" my writing. She gave me the lowest possible grades throughout the year. She gave the highest possible grades to my peers who had very little grasp of the language. This was the case for all of us who had until then scored the best of the grades. That was exactly the point I turned to blog - A medium I discovered could boost up my dropping levels of confidence. I started out blogging, writing about things typical of a teenage girl who studied in an all-girls school. 

Today, several years later, I still blog, though just for the sake of it. I'm no more the naive blogger who just wrote and forgot about it. I take time to promote my blog extensively in social media, hoping to connect with people like me, who blog for fun without a major monetary motive behind it. Sadly, I have had very little luck. SEO/SEM along with Google's complex algorithm has ensured that my blog is lost amongst the gazillion websites that exist today. 

Even the "organic promotion" of posting links on "popular blogging clubs" doesn't work these days. My last post garnered 40 views exactly with 2 people pining me personally to give feedback. Zero likes or comments on my post in the blogging club. While I was over the moon that 2 people had found time to read my story and talk about it, I realized my blog will probably be just a needle in a haystack always. 

I do not believe in peppering my content with "keywords" so that my content is picked up by these crazy social network algorithms until I'm paid for it. I used to have a no-monetary collaboration policy till a few years ago, but with changing times and the realization that if I'm good at something I ought not to do it for free, I decided to monetize reviewing (Read my Review policy!). Yet, I have never to date resorted to paid promotions, which is probably why my blog will always be a needle in a haystack. Blogging and organic growth are almost dead with "micro reviews" on twitter and Instagram taking over. Everyone I know is an influencer these days. I probably never will be one of them. I'm too honest for that. 

At the end of the day, it is disappointing that I do not have a good readership for reasons I cannot fathom. The day is not far when I would eventually give up and resort to writing in loose sheets as I used to as a kid. It has been an exhilarating experience to have experienced the growth of blogging, it does sadden me to witness the slow death of it. Till then, I'll keep writing and reading blogs too. 


Thursday, January 30, 2020

#655 : Short Story of the Month (January 2020) - Ate


Genre - Sci-Fi

Maya stood next to the picket fence gasping for air. After all, she managed to escape being caught by Nirmal, her friend. That was no ordinary feat. She looked around expecting him to surprise her by pouncing from behind and getting her out. She scanned the yard for places to hide. They always played in Nirmal’s backyard, but today they decided to move to Ami’s house. Nirmal’s mom wasn’t keeping well. This backyard was trim and clean unlike that of Nirmal’s. Nirmal’’s dad, Mr. Ashok loved bikes and cars, hence his yard was bare with various vehicle parts littered all over the place. Since she was the smallest of her friends, physically, she could hide behind one of those mammoth engines or  door frames that on the yard. If Nirmal was chasing, he would always catch her by surprise in spite of her not making any sound. 

Today, she had no such thing to hide behind. Ami’s yard was filled with potted plants all arranged neatly. She had managed to reach the far end of the yard without tripping over the pots. She turned back and looked at all the plants. They were in varying stages of growth. There were flowers of all colors and sizes. A strong scent of wild Jasmine hung in the air. A slow smile crept to her eyes. There was rectangular patch towards her left. Four long wooden poles stood rooted in rectangular form, covered with vines and leaves. A small wooden horse lay rocking gently inside. She tiptoed towards it and sat on the horse. If felt a size smaller for her frame. That didn’t really prevent her from gripping the handle and rocking the horse gently. For a moment she forgot all about Nirmal and their game. It felt so nice to be in the garden and enjoying a rocking horse. She lived in one of those tall buildings with glass lifts. Her house was on the 7th floor. She hated that she couldn’t go out and stand on the balcony like her brother Rajesh did. He was taller than her and older too, though by just two years. This whole place felt dreamy to her. May be, she could persuade the gang to play in Ami’s house often. Ram came running out screaming and kicking down many pots in the process. Nirmal followed him laughing. At least he was careful enough not to step over the fallen plants. 

Maya sulked and stood up. It was time to end the game.She would walk straight to Nirmal and ask him to get her out. She wanted to stay in the garden taking in the scents and sights. She was bored of the hide and seek game. Her gang of 9 kids from her school almost always played this game for a year now. They had all joined the Sunny brook school in their kindergarten. Now they were all in the third grade. As she walked to towards Nirmal who was now in the floor tackling, a small figure appeared suddenly in front of her. It shot out of nowhere with a low swishing sound. It looked like it was some kind of a creature cut out from a tree. Two tiny black eyes blinked at her as she looked at it with curiosity. It reminded her of that woody thing from the movie her dad had watched on the TV few days back. She scratched her nose to try remember it’s name. It slowly stepped forward towards her. She looked at with curiosity. Were such things even real, she wondered? 

She stepped forward. It stood still and blinked at her. A pearl of sweat dripped over it’s little nose. Ah! It looked like groot. Groot was the name of that woody thing from the movie her dad had seen earlier that week. It smiled at her slowly revealing just two pearly white teeth which were almost pale yellow in color. She smiled back and move near it to touch it. It stood still without moving. Just as she was about to touch it, it’s lips moved and in a low electronic voice it said, “Hi. Eat me!” She jumped back in shock. Could trees actually talk? Why was it asking her to eat it?! Her tiny head began buzzing with all sorts of questions. 

“Who are you?” she asked in a small voice. 

“I’m alvera. I’m what your people call “chocolate angel”. I’m here because you wished to eat a bar of chocolate yesterday. So what are you waiting for! Go on, eat me!” it replied. 

Her eyes literally popped out. How did that “angel” know that she had wished for a chocolate! She wondered!

“But….but… feel like a living thing, you talk! How can I eat you?” she asked. 

“Well, how do you normally eat a bar of chocolate?” it asked. 

“Chocolates that my mum buys for me comes wrapped in plastic covers and papers. I tear open the wrapper, peel the paper away and eat the chocolate. And if it’s melted, I lick the paper away” she replied. Her mouth started watering at the very thought of chocolate.The tall man wearing white coat, the man whom her mother had called dent-something had scared her  by telling that if she ate chocolates frequently, her teeth would turn into brown color just like chocolates and fall off. 

It started her for a minute as if processing what she had spoken. Using it’s small twig like hands, it took out a small black round thing. 

“Subject asking for wrapper dress. Drop dress.Over!” it spoke into it in a loud squeaky off key electronic voice. 

“Drop confirm in 5 minutes.Over!” the black thing crackled. 

Maya looked at it with fascination. It felt like being in that groot movie her dad watched. A low buzzing sound interrupted her thoughts. She looked up to the source of it. A small plate like object flew just above Alvera’s head. One tiny red lamp glowed in the middle of a plate and just like that the plate fell over Alvera’s head transforming into a dress. 

Maya broke in a high pitched giggle. The Groot like object looked funny. It’s face and hands peeped out a box which resembled the packing of a chocolate. 

“What are you waiting for now? Go on, tear open the cover just like you do and eat me!” it said in an excited voice.

Maya couldn’t control her laughter. She doubled over laughing and was on the floor rolling. 

Since it insisted,  she stepped forward and touched its limb like structure. It felt cold but soft. She licked her fingers, trying to taste the “thing”.

“Maayaa! Darling. Wake up!” said Ravi in a sing song voice as he tickled Maya awake. 

“Daaad!” replied Maya in a groggy voice. 

She rubbed her eyes and shook her head and looked around.

It had all been a dream.